Winner of the Nomiku x Culinstas giveaway!

We’re excited to announce that Instagrammer @theshortandlong won our #yolkporn giveaway with the Culinistas! His sous vide egg with whole wheat congee and Chinese sausage won our hearts and won himself a free Classic Nomiku! 

We had a lot of great entries and are super grateful to everyone who entered. If you aren’t this guy and didn’t win–not to worry! We’re offering a special promo code:

Just use the code NOMILISTAS at our site and get $100 off the Classic Nomiku! Hopefully you’ll be getting to make some beautiful yolkporn photos of your own soon!  

Also, a special thanks to the Culinistas who helped to inspire this giveaway and also wrote up this awesome HuffPo piece about their experience with sous vide and Nomiku! 

Happy eating all,
The Nomiku Team

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