What Makes Nomiku Different?

Serious foodies already know, sous vide cooking is amazing! The tenderest meals you’ve ever tasted, infused with the lifestyle benefits of “sous-vide and chill”.  This method of cooking is growing in popularity as people everywhere learn about how fantastic sous vide can be. Sous vide offers exceptional taste experiences, improving the nutritional value of meals, with speedy preparation. And delivers precise results every time.

Newbies are quickly learning just how easy sous vide can be.  With the sous vide method of cooking, home chefs can create delectable dishes with little effort. Forget using the pots and pans that come with countless hours of standing over a hot stove. Your Nomiku does all the work while you’re living your life. Whether you turn the dial to your preferred setting or you use the app from afar.  It will even tell you when it’s time to eat!

While it has been used for decades by professional chefs, the emergence of new consumer sous vide products (a movement launched by our founders!) makes this cooking method accessible to everyone.

Aside from being the first sous vide at home immersion circulator and the first WiFi connected sous vide device, Nomiku stands out for a number of unique features:

Culinary and Technical Experience

The Nomiku is used in some of the best restaurants in the world! That’s because it was designed and built to withstand commercial kitchen use and can circulate up to 10 gallons of water.

Co-founder, Lisa, worked for the top chefs around the world and has deep experience with all types of sous vide machines. Co-founder and husband, Abe, is a technical wizard who created the proprietary technology for this device. Together they shaped how Nomiku was developed, and how it became one of the leading sous vides on the market.

They took this expertise and created a device that is durable enough for the busiest restaurants, while still compact enough for a drawer in your home kitchen.

Ease and Power

The Nomiku is so easy to use that even the novice cook is up and running quickly. It clips onto containers much more effectively than other retail consumer sous vide devices. Plus, Nomiku’s clip is located in the front of the unit (vs. the back), for ease of use and to reduce the possibility of burning your hand.

The compact size makes it easier to handle without compromising on the incredible 1200w power it offers. And with its unique heating element, it will never burn out.

Industry Leadership

In the immortal words of Toto, we hold the line. Creators of the home sous vide movement, our CEO literally wrote the book on it. CTO and co-founder Abe Fetterman has a PhD in Astrophysics from Princeton. In other words, there simply aren’t two humans on the planet as qualified to be creating a sous vide device. The price point is also highly competitive, especially given Nomiku’s quality and durability. We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from sous vide. Cooking to perfection – sous vide is the future of cooking.

Connectivity and Social Cookery

With Nomiku, cooking doesn’t have to be solitary. You can see, create and even share recipes as you cook! The mobile app even allows you to send recipes straight from your phone to your Nomiku device.

Immerse Yourself in Sous Vide, Circulate at the Party!

Once you try the sous vide method, you’ll never want to cook any other way, especially after discovering the thousands of recipes on Tender. There’s something delectable for every type of cuisine you could imagine. Whether you are cooking for yourself or a small army, you’ll enjoy the flavor and convenience of using the Nomiku for sous vide cooking.


So what really drives us to be different, and live Nomiku? A passion for good, delicious food. The story of our founders. Coming soon!