Tuesday Tip: No Vacuum Sealer, No Problem

A common question we get is whether or not you need a vacuum-sealer to successfully sous vide. The answer is no. 

While having a vacuum-sealer can be the most optimal way to cook sous vide, it isn’t a necessity. We in fact rarely use a sealer in our test kitchen, and use something called the “Water Displacement Method”. A food safe or freezer grade zip seal bag will do. Simply dip the bag of ingredients into your pot of water up until the zip seal. The barometric pressure from the water will naturally push all the air out–once that happens quickly seal the bag shut and you have a perfectly good seal! 

As the infographic above explains, this method is actually preferable when dealing with delicate proteins like fish, which can get over-compressed with a vacuum sealer. 

You can see the Water Displacement Method done in some of our weekly recipe videos, like this one

Happy Nomming!

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