The White House Maker Faire Closing Remarks

What a wild and exhilarating ride it was to be at the first-ever White House Maker Faire! We met amazing people–fellow makers, entrepreneurs, and some of our idols. As we’ve said before, it was an honor to be part of The National Day of Making. Below are closing remarks from Nomiku Cofounder and CEO, Lisa:

We’ve had to explain the word “maker” almost as often as we had to give the definition for “sous vide.” Today, the White House changed everything. President Obama eloquently expressed what a maker and maker culture is and it’s amazing potential to shape the US economy from the bottom up.

Our journey as makers is just to an interesting point where we’re reaching an intermediary level of scaling. We are boldly going where few makers have gone before and it can feel quite lonely since we’ve been used to the do-it-together culture of rapid prototyping. We met amazing makers who are solving exactly the problems we’re facing and it was deeply encouraging and infinitely useful.

The Maker Summit and President Obama decreeing today as a national day of making introduced the concept of “making” as quite a legitimate means towards a greater purpose…. Even if it isn’t clear to anybody yet. We’re at the dawn of something very transformative and powerful, it’s in your DNA to create and when you make something, you’re part of the movement.

Thank you for following along with us and being a part of our journey. We truly appreciate the support and we’re going to be continuing to make you proud. 

All the best,
The Nomiku Team

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