The Reveal: Spherified Yogurt with Sous Vide Apricot Yolk

Earlier this morning we posted a picture of what suspiciously looked like an egg…but surprise, it’s not!

People on Instagram guessed pretty quick what was goin’ on and peeps on Facebook got suuuuper close. And people on Google+ didn’t guess. 

Well here’s the reveal:

imageNow go on and trick your friends!

Spherify your yogurt with sodium alginate and make your “yolk” with sous vide apricot at 85C for about 20 minutes with half a pod of vanilla and a tablespoon of sugar. 

“I’m going to enjoy this sous vide eg—oh my gosh it’s an apricot!”

-The Nom Team

The Reveal: Spherified Yogurt with Sous Vide Apricot Yolk2014-04-30 19:36:00 GMTfoodporn,illusion,moleculargastronomy,yogurt,apricot,egg,yolkporn,yolk,sousvide,nomiku

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