The Mad Scientist’s Sriracha


We here at Nomiku are of course food nerds and into all things food science and molecular gastronomy! 

So when we had the chance to team-up with food stylist and Insta-famous Instagrammer, David Ma, to make Sriracha like you’ve never seen before, we had to say yes!


What you’re looking at above is what we’re calling “Sphereracha”. Using some ingredients you can order from Amazon right now (seriously, right now, so go do it, but right after you finish reading this), you can transform your Sriracha into something amazing. 

These little pearls are made of Sriracha (duh), but are filled with a honey-Sriracha mixture that bursts open when you bite into them! It’ll give your tongue a nice sweet heat.


The Sphereracha are perfect for adding a little whimsy to your plating, and to also just add the flavor of your favorite hot sauce (without that embarrassing fart noise the bottle can make sometimes) to your food. We of course topped our very own Nomiku sous vide dishes with the Sphereracha–including some kimchi bacon pancakes, smashed potatoes, and a sous vide egg!

Here’s our quick and dirty recipe for how to make these hot balls at home! There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but it’s nothing you can’t learn without just a little bit experimenting. 

1. Using an emulsion blender or tiny espresso whisk. Mix a base of two parts sriracha to one part honey. Add water as needed to make the base thinner.
2. Once blended, add 5g of sodium alginate to base, set in fridge with a plastic wrap lid.
3. Mix calcium chloride and one quart of water in separate clear plexiglass dish.
4. Using a syringe, drop tiny droplets of your sriracha honey base into the calcium chloride mixture.
5. After 2-3 minutes the balls should gel and are ready to be placed in a water bath to set.
6. Garnish your favorite dishes with the Sphereacha pearls. 


Let us know how your experimenting goes! Try playing around with the flavors of your Sphereracha and see what works best for you, or customize them for each dish you make. Definitely a crowd-pleasing condiment. The “ohhs” “ahhs” never stopped in our test kitchen.

Interested in collaborating with us on something and want to come by and shoot with us in our San Francisco test kitchen? Send us an email at! 

Stay spicy,
The Nomiku Team

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