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Sous Chef Meals Tips! Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

One of the reasons Nomiku Sous Chefs Meals were created a la carte, is to give you the option to mix and match flavors—that includes matching items from our program with food in your fridge or pantry to hack your own delicious meal creations. We’d like to share some of the fun ideas and creations that are shared with us.

This first one comes from a member of our own team. Michelle … Read more

Friday Food Crush: The Yolkporniest of Breakfasts

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Potatoes, bacon….and egg. One sexy motha’ of an egg. All we can say is that we would love to wake up next to this thing in the morning. Like literally roll over and have it waiting there. Dream life. 

Thank you to @ninjavanish for sharing this beauty of a 62C sous vide egg! If you have any Friday Food Crushes we should see, just use #nomiku in … Read more

Friday Food Crush: Brunch Goals

We know it’s not quite the weekend, but this kimchi waffle, topped with a sous vide egg has us thinking about an endless mimosas brunch (after feasting on this of course). 

This was made by one of our brand ambassadors, Daniel Seidman. If you want to keep on drooling over your phone or your … Read more

Friday Food Crush: A Very Sexy Egg

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Sometimes your Friday need something saucy like this. 

Sexy brought back by Bonerep

Looking to get featured? Use hashtag #nomiku on your creations! 

Happy Friday and happy eating!
The Nom Team

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Friday Food Crush: A Sexy Egg Sando

Our Friday Food Crush this week is quite possibly one of the sexiest sandwiches we’ve seen. That perfect sous vide egg makes just the perfect filling. Ooey, gooey, and did we mention…sexy.

Happy Friday,
The Nomiku Team

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Link: Breakfast Pizza!

Our Friday Food Crush this week has got to be this breakfast pizza! 

Pizza is already pretty great, but no better day like a Friday than to enjoy a breakfast version of it. Use a sous vide egg as a sauce, and boy howdy. We tell ya. It’s great. 

If it’s past breakfast time for ya, there’s always the weekend!

Happy Friday, all!
The Nom Team

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A photo posted by jenn de la Vega (@randwiches) on

We are in LOVE and so EGGsicted about with this awesome savory macaron that uses a sous vide egg yolk as its filling! So genius! We just wish we had thought of it first, just so we could be eating it RIGHT now. Sigh. 

Go check out the Randwiches blog for more fun recipes (including more Nomiku-ified ones) and lots more yolkporn!

Happy Friday,… Read more


Link: Hard “Boiled” Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs might seem like a no-brainer, given that the name is basically the recipe. But then why are there so many eggsecrable eggsamples (sorry, we couldn’t resist) to be found? We know you’ve encountered tough, rubbery whites, dry, chalky yolks with unappetizing grey-green exteriors. 

No, thank you. The truth is, if you’re actually cooking your eggs at boiling temperature, the window for achieving perfection (i.e. firm, tender whites and fully set yolks that are … Read more

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Our Friday Food Crush…in slow-mo. Sexy.

Courtesy of one of our Nomiku Ambassadors, RobQ!

Have just as sexy of a Friday, everyone!
The Nom TEam

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Link: Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs Tostadas

It’s the last day of National Egg Month ;__;

We leave you with one of our favorite sous vide egg recipes. Scrambled sous vide eggs are probably some of the fluffiest you’ll have!

Why not breakfast for dinner to mark a special day, huh?

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