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Desserts and Drinks for Your Apple-Picking Bounty

Nomiku Apple Apples

Fall is a season filled with warming scents and flavors. Many of us take weekend trips to orchards and pick apples before all the leaves hit the ground. So, if you’ve picked your fill of apples at the orchard and are in search of recipes to help use up your bounty, we have some great ideas for you.

These are some tried and true recipes that really let the apples shine! Enjoy!

Mulled (and spiked) Apple Cider

Apple Cider Nomiku Apples

This recipe came … Read more

Holiday Spirit: Buy a meal, donate a meal

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are thinking about how grateful we are to have the good fortune to access healthy, nutritious food everyday.

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the reality that millions of people are food-insecure and we want to do our part to give back to those that don’t come home to a stocked refrigerator. In this spirit, we are launching a give-back initiative. Starting this week, through the end of the year, for every meal … Read more

Create a new tradition: Meet the juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey

Nomiku Sous Vide Turkey

One of the most dreaded parts of Thanksgiving is being the one that is tasked with making the turkey. It usually means hours of advanced planning, early morning prep work, watching and worrying that someone will think it is too dry.

If you are ready to say goodbye to most of those worries, you are ready to try our Sous Vide Thanksgiving Turkey recipe.

Some families will stick with Norman Rockwell image of carving a brown turkey at the … Read more

Canned No More: Try Your Hand at this Cranberry Sauce

Nomiku sous vide cranberry sauce

We are not here to shame anyone that love the cranberry sauce from a can. Cranberry sauce, especially the canned variety, has a lot of nostalgia tied up in it and that cylindrical jelly gets the job done. But we are also all about starting new traditions.

If you are ready for some new flavors and texture in your cranberry sauce, we have just the recipe for you. This Honey-Bourbon Cranberry Sauce is closer to a relish or chutney than … Read more

Sous Chef Meals Remix: Mexican Pork Shoulder

Sous Chef pork shoulder with chipotle adobo sauce remix

When we built the Sous Chef meals program we had deliciousness and convenience in mind. The Sous Chef meals are modular so that you are freely mix and match the main dishes and side dishes with your taste for that moment. But what many might not realize is that we also designed these meal components to make it easy for you to mix and match with food you already have in your fridge and pantry.

As we grow our meal Read more

Sous Chef Meals Tips! Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

One of the reasons Nomiku Sous Chefs Meals were created a la carte, is to give you the option to mix and match flavors—that includes matching items from our program with food in your fridge or pantry to hack your own delicious meal creations. We’d like to share some of the fun ideas and creations that are shared with us.

This first one comes from a member of our own team. Michelle … Read more

Back to school: Sous vide hacks to keep healthy food on the table

.Back to school meal prep sous vide

It’s back to school time once again. The hectic flurry of carpool duty, picking up art supplies, getting to after school sports and correcting homework all the while trying to keep healthy meals flowing at a constant pace. It always feels like September passes with breakneck speed but a little advanced planning and some convenient new tools can make back to school a little smoother.

Enter the new Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Smart Cooker and deliciously magical Sous Chef Read more

Meal prepping sous vide style: Dinner on a whim

Meal prepping bags in the refrigerator

Meal prepping for the week comes with its shares of pros and cons. The pros are: It saves time during the week; It helps you save money (no having to grabbing takeout on a whim); It allows you better control of your health goals.

The cons are also very well known: It is time consuming to prep; It can get redundant.

But more people than ever are searching cookbooks, scouring Pinterest and joining social media groups dedicated to meal prepping Read more

Sous Vide: The Ultimate Summer Solution

Summer is for grilling but here are some sous vide hacks to make it easierThe thought of summer conjures up images of beach trips, sparklers lights streaking through the backyard and long afternoons. But what is summer without summer smoky flavors, bountiful summer produce, and picnics, picnics, picnics!

And as the days (and nights) heat up, it is time to let all of you in on a little secret: the Nomiku sous vide machine is one of the best tools to beat the summer heat and still enjoy all the flavors you crave.

We Read more

Sous Chef meals are a hit among the hot food trends at Brainfood SF

Sous Chef meals display featuring the direct-to-you meals ready in just 30 minutes.

What are the hot food trends in kitchens around the world? We got a taste recently since this past weekend, for the first time ever, Spoon University held a Brainfood Conference in San Francisco at the Williams Sonoma headquarters. 

And as many of you know, where there is good food and amazing food tech, Nomiku is never far from the conversation. Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman joined some Read more