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Holiday Roasts

holiday roast

Thanksgiving has sewn up the claim on turkey. When you think about your Thanksgiving menu, it must include turkey in some way but the other holidays leave a lot of room for interpretation. For Christmas and Hanukkah many turn to a prime rib roast, brisket or a tenderloin.

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with any roast on the holidays. Someone carving up a beautiful cut and pouring gravy or jus atop, it signals the holidays just as much … Read more

Merry Christmas from Team Nom!

Wishing you all a safe, delicious, and Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

We know it’s always good to be on the nice list, but we’re hoping all of you are also on our Nom-y list 😉 making food so naughtily good that it ain’t even nice. 

If you’re sous viding some dishes for your holiday feasts, please let us know! Use #nomiku on your Instagram or Twitter photos, or tag us on Facebook–we’d love to see why you landed … Read more