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Dinner with a Top Chef

A little while ago, we had the pleasure of attending The Good Food Awards, an event that honors not only good food, but food that has a positive impact and food initiatives that help to build a community. At the event, we got to meet Bernardo Hernandez, a champion of young chefs in San Francisco. 


When Bernardo worked at Zagat he started the 30 Under 30 program (of which cofounder Lisa was an honoree) to help young guns … Read more

Sous Vide Coffee Buttah


The best part of waking up is Sous Vide Coffee Butter in your cup (well, your jar, we guess)! 

Top Chef’s Melissa King posted this photo of her using her Nomiku to make some super delicious coffee butter, and it’s also super easy! She says you just need to put some coffee beans with butter in a jar, sous vide at 90C for at least three hours (or until fragrant)–and boom, you’ve got a jar of delicious-ness for steak, toast, … Read more

Weeks of TrEATS!

The Nomiku team has been traveling quite a bit lately! We were all off to our respective homes for the holidays (and some of us even to Europe! Liver. Much tired.), and just as we got back, we hopped right back on the plane to head to Atlanta for the Start of the Year Show with Gourmet Catalog


We got a chance to meet our fellow Gourmet Catalogians–there are lots of great products out there and we’re very honored … Read more