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Sous Chef Meals Tips! Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

One of the reasons Nomiku Sous Chefs Meals were created a la carte, is to give you the option to mix and match flavors—that includes matching items from our program with food in your fridge or pantry to hack your own delicious meal creations. We’d like to share some of the fun ideas and creations that are shared with us.

This first one comes from a member of our own team. Michelle … Read more

Viva Las Vegan!

We’ve partnered up with the Instructables team to lead a vegan recipe challenge! 

Show us your favorite and best vegan-friendly recipes for a chance to win a slew of prizes from patches, cookbooks, and even a WiFi Nomiku! 

We were inspired to do this challenge because a lot of people don’t yet fully understand the true deliciousness of sous vide veggies and fruits–it ain’t just for meat, ya know. 

So do some thinkin’, do some submittin’, and good luck!

Eat … Read more

It’s here, it’s here!

Sous Vide at Home: The Modern Technique for Perfectly Cooked Meals, Nomiku’s first cookbook, is finally here!

A lot of hours (and egg yolks) went into the making of the book. Recipe writing, recipe testing, photographing, copy-editing, the list is endless. While we have been working tirelessly on the WiFi Nomiku and know what goes into the making of hardware, a book is an entirely different beast. Both, though, are rewarding, of course, and we cannot wait to share … Read more

Give a hand(s) for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Here’s a sweet (and sour) idea for handouts for Halloween (okay, maybe not for ~all~ kids, but maybe good for your Halloween party): Sous Vide Candied Buddha’s Hands!

These things are addictive, so be careful, especially if you have a sweet tooth–or generally have really good taste. 

Stay safe out there! Have a scary good time!
The Nom Team

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Link: Sous Vide at Home

Okay, so we may be more excited for the release of our first cookbook than others (I mean, we’re obviously a bit biased…it’s like our baby…our delicious, beautiful baby), but we cannot WAIT for y’all to see it and read it!

Luckily for us (and for you), here’s an excerpt! You can read through our entire introduction, going over the book’s inspiration, sous vide’s history, and then get one of our full recipes. If … Read more


Link: Sous Vide Halibut Fish Tacos

Today is a particularly special Taco Tuesday, because it’s National Taco Day! Who would’ve thought?

Tacos are a wondrous creation, so it’s no wonder that there’s a weekly–and now a national–day dedicated to it. 

Here’s a quick 15-minute recipe for you to whip up (yes, 15 minutes, even with sous vide!) to celebrate!

The Nommers

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Link: Tempering Chocolate | Chef-Shorts

We always knew chocolate had a temper…but it’s easy to handle, thanks to sous vide! 

One of our community members used his Nomiku to heat a water bath to the exact right temperature to temper their chocolate–a very important process for all those choco-lovers out there. 

There’s a slew of reasons why tempering chocolate is such a key process, but we won’t bore you with that–mostly because Chef-Shorts does such a great job at … Read more


Link: A Sous Vide Steak Sandwich with Couple in the Kitchen

ICYMI, you can see a “couple” of our brand ambassadors on local TV in Austin, Texas!

Couple in the Kitchen have been awesome advocates not only for Nomiku, but for sous vide as a whole. You can catch them in the clip above talking about they became one of Austin’s biggest food bloggers as well as showing us all how to make a sous vide steak sando your … Read more

Juicy Marinated Sous Vide Tri-Tip Recipe

sous vide tri-tip

This is definitely a recipe you should tri out

If you want tender and juicy steak that will melt in your mouth, you have come to the right place. This sous vide tri-tip recipe is the one you have been searching for, and is from our Tender community member, Scott Davis.

Now time to get cooking, as eating meat this good is not something that should be delayed!

Sous Vide cook time: 4 hours
Serves: 4 people


  • 1 Tri-Tip
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They see me rollin’…

Sous vide shrimp are quick and easy…and roll up quite nicely in some spring rolls!

Head on over to our Tender app to see how quick you can prep for this quick and very yummy dish!

Happy eating!
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