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Sous Vide Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Salad

We can’t be sure when, but at some point in living memory, Brussels sprouts managed a public relations coup. Though in days gone by they were the quintessential “yuk, vegetables!” poster child, the once-scorned sprout has been transformed into the doyenne of winter/fall seasonal produce. 

Part of this successful makeover has been a more careful approach to cooking these delicate brassicas. Where once they boiled into a contemptible greygreen mush, nowadays the goal is to preserve their delicate sweet flavor … Read more

Sous Vide Holiday Pork Shoulder Roast


Many holiday traditions call for a formidable beef roast, and while that can certainly be delicious, in our mind pork is very much a contender: it’s less spendy, but certainly not short on deliciousness. 

Roast pork is a Christmas tradition in both Denmark and Puerto Rico (flæskesteg and pernil, respectively), but we went to Italy for flavor inspiration here. Aside from rosemary reminding us of Christmas trees, our Italian bent sprung from finding a cut of pork, capicola, that’s … Read more

Sous Vide Spam

Ditch the canned stuff. Thanks to Chef Naputi at Prubechu Restaurant in San Francisco, you can bring your spam game to a whole ‘nother level. 

Grab the full recipe here and make sure to follow Prubechu on Instagram to feed your eyes with more cuisines from Guam! 

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Friday Food Crush: A Tasty, and Not at All Unlucky Friday the 13th

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It may be Friday the 13th, but we don’t expect any killers to being popping out at us. The only thing killer is this sous vide pumpkin bread pudding with Thai tea foam and ginger nut streusel by one of our Nomiku Brand Ambassadors! 

Have a spooky good, Friday the 13th!
The Nom Team

Friday Food Crush: A Tasty, and Not at Read more

#FridayFoodCrush: Sous Vide Lamb Chops with Tomato Chutney

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Simplicity can usually be a good thing. @koreanfusion wowed us with this lamb chop with tomato chutney. We’re holding back the impulse to take our fork and knife to the screen. 

Hope this inspires some spookily good meals this weekend! 

Happy Halloween!
The Nom Team

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Friday Food Crush: It’s Not Delivery…

A pizza. With a freakin’ sous vide egg on it. Come on, now. 

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Friday Food Crush: The Sexiest Sous Vide Egg

Courtesy of one of our Brand Ambassadors, Kyle Hildebrant, we present to you one of the sexiest eggs alive (but probably now dead and consumed). Just look at that slow ooze. We can’t take our eyes away. 

If you want $50 off of the Classic Nomiku, use the code “ourdailynom” at our site

Happy Friday,
Nomiku Team

Friday Food Crush: Read more

Nomiku Sous Vide Paleo Eating Series!

Last week, you might have noticed that we were running our Nomiku Sous Vide Paleo Eating Series! We contributed our very own favorite Paleo recipes and got some from some of our favorite bloggers out there! We posted each recipe, and we thought it might make your lives easier if we had them all here for you in one place. Here they are!


Sous Vide Buffalo Shrimp! We kicked off the week with a little bit of spice! Here the … Read more

Friday Food Crush: The Sous Vide Fried Egg Yolk

Our Brand Ambassador Daniel Seidman (thechefdan) made the always awe-inspiring sous vide fried egg yolk. Check out his feed and his site to see things he makes with and without his Nom–it’s all tasty and amazing. However, if his foodporn does sway you, use his code “THECHEFDAN” for $50 off of the … Read more

Sous Vide Paleo Lemon Curd by The Feisty Kitchen


A little note about this recipe from Natasha Gildea of The Feisty Kitchen

This is so tasty and delicious and can be put on ohhhh so many things!  Allllll the things in fact!  You can enjoy it very simply as I’ve shown above just topped with some fresh berries.  I had some blackberries in the refrigerator, but any berry would be wonderful! I can’t wait to go get some strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to try out with this curd.  Read more