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Sous Chef Meals Tips! Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

Easy Eggs and Cheesy Grits with Sharp Cheddar

One of the reasons Nomiku Sous Chefs Meals were created a la carte, is to give you the option to mix and match flavors—that includes matching items from our program with food in your fridge or pantry to hack your own delicious meal creations. We’d like to share some of the fun ideas and creations that are shared with us.

This first one comes from a member of our own team. Michelle … Read more

Sous Vide Eggs Won the Valentine’s Day Recipe Contest

Sous vide eggs with caviar and heart-shaped cookies win big on Valentine's Day.

Romantic Sous Vide Eggs Win Big

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent Valentine’s Day Recipe Contest! We received so many excellent submissions, and it was very tough choosing the winner.

But in the end, Slo-Simmered Symbols of Seduction won our hearts (and our tastebuds)! It was submitted by Nomiku community member, Thierry Castro, and includes sous vide eggs, caviar, and heart-shaped cookies. This recipe is perfect for any romantic occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and special date … Read more

The Ultimate 147°F Sous Vide Poached Egg

sous vide poached egg

We hope that you’ll ~poach~ this idea for breakfast this week! Ain’t nothing like an ooey-gooey sous vide poached egg to top basically anything for breakfast (or lunch or dinner or lunner or brunch or midnight snack).

This comes from our friend, Dave, at NoRecipeRequired. As Dave mentions in the description of his video:

“Used a sous vide technique, which keeps a water bath simmering at a constant 147 degrees, the egg gets cooked the exact same, from the … Read more

Friday Food Crush: A Very Sexy Egg

A video posted by bonerep ?? (@bonerep) on

Sometimes your Friday need something saucy like this. 

Sexy brought back by Bonerep

Looking to get featured? Use hashtag #nomiku on your creations! 

Happy Friday and happy eating!
The Nom Team

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Friday Food Crush: A Sexy Egg Sando

Our Friday Food Crush this week is quite possibly one of the sexiest sandwiches we’ve seen. That perfect sous vide egg makes just the perfect filling. Ooey, gooey, and did we mention…sexy.

Happy Friday,
The Nomiku Team

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Link: Hard “Boiled” Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs might seem like a no-brainer, given that the name is basically the recipe. But then why are there so many eggsecrable eggsamples (sorry, we couldn’t resist) to be found? We know you’ve encountered tough, rubbery whites, dry, chalky yolks with unappetizing grey-green exteriors. 

No, thank you. The truth is, if you’re actually cooking your eggs at boiling temperature, the window for achieving perfection (i.e. firm, tender whites and fully set yolks that are … Read more


Link: Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs Tostadas

It’s the last day of National Egg Month ;__;

We leave you with one of our favorite sous vide egg recipes. Scrambled sous vide eggs are probably some of the fluffiest you’ll have!

Why not breakfast for dinner to mark a special day, huh?

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Friday Food Crush: It’s Not Delivery…

A pizza. With a freakin’ sous vide egg on it. Come on, now. 

Friday Food Crush: It’s Not Delivery…2015-10-02 23:00:41 GMTfridayfoodcrush,tgif,delicious,za,eggs,yolkporn,pizza,foodgasm,foodie,food,foodporn,nom,sous vide,sousvide,nomikuRead more

Friday Food Crush: Sous Vide Steak & Eggs

Imagine waking up to this every morning…

Friday Food Crush: Sous Vide Steak & Eggs2015-10-02 17:00:58 GMTfridayfoodcrush,tgif,breakfast,meat,eggs,eggporn,yolkporn,steak,foodie,food,foodporn,nom,sous vide,sousvide,nomikuRead more


Link: Deep Fried Sous-Vide Yolk – #TheChefDan

ICYMI, how to make those Fried Sous Vide Egg Yolks. One of the coolest (and maybe unhealthiest) things you can do with sous vide 😉

Courtesy of one of our Nomiku Brand Ambassadors! Use his code THECHEFDAN to get $50 off the Classic Nomiku at our site!

Happy eating!
The Nomiku Team

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