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The Baconer: Meet the boutique sous vide bacon made possible with Nomiku

Living the Bacon Dream

Nestled in the heart of Oakland, you will find the juiciest bacon you’ve ever had.  For more than a year, The Baconer has been transforming Marin county heritage pork bellies into everyone’s favorite food group: bacon.

Founders Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis are obviously lovers of the salty strips of perfection but they stand apart from their fellow bacon producers because they looked at the whole process differently.

“The standard way to prepare bacon for sale … Read more

Friday Food Crush: The Yolkporniest of Breakfasts

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Potatoes, bacon….and egg. One sexy motha’ of an egg. All we can say is that we would love to wake up next to this thing in the morning. Like literally roll over and have it waiting there. Dream life. 

Thank you to @ninjavanish for sharing this beauty of a 62C sous vide egg! If you have any Friday Food Crushes we should see, just use #nomiku in … Read more


Link: Sous Vide Bourbon-Glazed Burger

April is National BLT month. We like our BLTs, but we also like ‘em with extra meat. And sometimes no lettuce…or tomatoes. 

Burgers. We like burgers. 

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Sous Vide Brussels Sprouts and Bacon Salad

We can’t be sure when, but at some point in living memory, Brussels sprouts managed a public relations coup. Though in days gone by they were the quintessential “yuk, vegetables!” poster child, the once-scorned sprout has been transformed into the doyenne of winter/fall seasonal produce. 

Part of this successful makeover has been a more careful approach to cooking these delicate brassicas. Where once they boiled into a contemptible greygreen mush, nowadays the goal is to preserve their delicate sweet flavor … Read more

Friday Food Crush: Build-a-Burger Workshop

A sous vide burger is nothing to scoff at, and we just love the progression of it being built in this pic from @forkmyface on Instagram! He calls it his “Build-a-Burger Workshop”, and while we’re not hating on Build-a-Bear, bulding a burger just sounds a lot more delicious. 

Check out his feed for more awesome pics (featuring more Nomiku sous vide delicious-ness) and of course, make sure to use #nomiku when posting your pics to be featured on our blog, … Read more

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Our Friday Food Crush is from @turningoffjapanese! Her Sous Vide Burgers look absolutely amazing. We’re a little speechless….

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Apparently it’s Eat What You Want Day today (at least that’s what the Twitter gods who decide what’s trending today decided). Number one; isn’t every day Eat What You Want Day, and two; how do we get to decide a food holiday? Eat Until You Throw Up Day…but more refined. And less pukey. 

In any case, here are a few suggestions on what you should probably try and make to eat today. 

If there was ever a perfect mix of … Read more

Duck Bacon Wrapped Sous Vide Apricots

It’s a pretty well-known fact that bacon is one of the best and beloved foods to ever grace this earth, which is why when Maple Leaf Farms offered to send us some duck bacon (yes, duck bacon!), we couldn’t say no. We sous vided up some apricots, wrapped some of this crispy, crispy bacon around it and threw on some equally crispy sage and said hello to Yumville. 

Here’s the recipe–get it

Duck Bacon Read more

Sous Vide Flank Steak and Warm Potato Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette

Who said salads need to be healthy? Despite most often being associated with abstemiousness in American culture, a good salad can be a very indulgent indeed. In France (whence our word for salad comes) they have no qualms about loading theirs with things like bacon and poached eggs, so why not up the ante by adding steak to the mix? Better yet, steak cooked long and slow sous vide to produce ideal tenderness from a flavorful but coarsely-grained cut, flanksteak. … Read more

FridayFoodCrush: Bacon Weave Pork Loin

This loin takes us back. It’s from Instagrammer Racknac. The recipe was inspired by our Sous Vide Primer starter recipe…such memories. *Tear*

We can’t believe how beautiful this is…excuse the drool.

Don’t forget to keep tagging your photos on Instagram and Twitter with #nomiku–we can’t wait to see your tasty creations!

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