Sous Vide Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

If you’re not from the Great Lakes area, wild rice might sound like some sort of risqué Uncle Ben’s product, but relax, it’s totally SFW. The name is a bit misleading, since it’s mostly cultivated these days, and isn’t closely related to rice at all (fun fact: the French term for it translates as “crazy oats”—woo!), but labeling aside, it’s a grain worth knowing. Not only does it have a delicious nutty flavor and pleasant chewiness, it’s a nutritional powerhouse to boot, loaded with fiber and protein. 

Often used along with turkey to make a robust, creamy soup, it knocks barley out of the water. We went with a light approach, laying off the heavy cream in favor of a bit of Greek yogurt to finish—but you won’t miss out, because our version uses juicy, tender sous vide breast that doesn’t need a buffer of dairy fat to be crazy tasty. 

Rather than cooking turkey especially for this soup, this recipe is also a fantastic way to get extra mileage out of leftover thanksgiving turkey (hopefully cooked sous vide). Whether you want a hearty (but healthy!) dish in the aftermath of your Thanksgiving binge, or just a delicious soup to add to your repertoire, we’re confident you’ll find this wildly satisfying.

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