Sous vide: The suitcase solution to your foodie problems

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Food is everywhere. If you are hungry, chances are, something edible is nearby but the question usually is: How healthy is that? Nutritious, delicious and affordable food is not always within arms reach but we have a solution.

Whether you are on a diet or just trying to live a balanced lifestyle, eating out is often too caloric and expensive, but most of us can’t just whip up a meal at the office or in a hotel room. Well, until now.

Here at Nomiku, creating a compact and easy-to-use immersion circulator was central to our mission. We didn’t just want to bring this technology out of high-end kitchens and into the average home kitchen, we also wanted to build a tool that could help chefs and cooks alike travel freely and still be able to cook up their favorite, tender dishes.

So how can your Nomiku help save your from eating too much takeout?

At the office:

Some offices may have a full or partial kitchen in them, but many working people are lucky if there office has a full-sized refrigerator, a microwave and a toaster. For those of us that aren’t lucky enough to work somewhere that offers healthy, diverse food options for free or low expense, there is Nomiku.

We know members of our Nommunity that keep a Nomiku at the office to soft boil some eggs, make some fresh veggies, or even feed their co-workers a beautifully tender roast or roulade.

Now, we also have Sous Chef meals that you can keep in the freezer at work and bring up to temperature as you work.

All you need is a pot of water and an outlet. Depending on your office, you may not even need a kitchen to get that meal ready.

Our friend Michael P. wanted to nosh on some Sous Chef meals at the office one day but realized there was no stock pot around and got super creative. Below, you can see he found a pitcher and got his Sous Chef meals hot and ready. Hunger is a great motivator for creativity.

Sous chef meals travel office Nomiku

When you are moving:

We’ve all experienced the challenges that come with moving. You want to pack ahead as much as possible but usually you have to leave out enough of your kitchen supplies to eat until the final day.

Streamlining your kitchen is a great way to check off one room of the house. Rather than leaving several baking sheets and different sized pans, many of the employees at Nomiku were able to slim the kitchen down to: One baking sheet, one kitchen knife, one cast iron pan, one stock pot, one Nomiku, a pair of tongs and a spatula. Add a few food safe bags, paper plates, cups and forks and the rest of the kitchen can get shipped off to the new home.

Most of what you eat through the week can be prepared using that small collection of kitchen tools.

Here is a quick reference of food you can prep on moving week without a full kitchen:

Spend more time packing and less time cooking. And even save some dollars and calories, because we know you’d be ordering pizza and Chinese takeout if your kitchen was totally packed.

Travel time:

Whether you travel for work or for pleasure, longer bouts of time away from your home kitchen can lead to less healthy and sustainable eating habits. While some people passionate about making their own meals have been known to favor renting homes and motels that include a kitchen, but those are not always viable options.

With Nomiku, all you need is an outlet and a vessel that can hold hot water and you are able to get that tender, nutritious meal as if you were in your own kitchen.

Sous chef meals Nomiku travel options

So the next time you have to jet off for more than a day, pack your Nomiku and a few food safe bags and you should be good to go. What about the vessel? We have seen some great solutions. From coolers, insulated lunch bags, vases, ice buckets, and collapsible camping pots. Pack your Nomiku and vessel and if you don’t have time to grocery shop, consider the vacuum-sealed and prepared Sous Chef Meals.

You can pack them into the cooler/vessel (and the ice packs that it came with) and it will all you to eat thoughtful, delicious meals no matter where you are.

Happy Cooking!

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