Sous Vide Tie-dye Shirts

We know, we know, we’re all about making amazing and delicious food and don’t worry–more awesome sous vide recipes are on their way. But a blogger friend of ours turned us on to a…non-conventional use for sous vide that we just had to share with you…


That’s right, a blast from the past.

David Kliman of the blog Cooked Three Ways, found that using the constant heat of sous vide via his Nomiku, he could set his dyes in his shirts better than he would traditionally. Plus, he found, that tie dying with sous vide allowed the shirts to finish three times faster–just hours as opposed to one or two full days. 

Click here to read his entire blog entry and to see how he did it. Take care to clean everything thoroughly before using your Nomiku for food if you do make these shirts–and also take care to be prepared to be the most popular person ever with homemade sous vide tie dye shirts and tasty home made sous vide meals. You’re the holiday gift machine that just keeps on giving.

More at Cooked Three Ways

Happy tie dying and happy holidays!
The Nomi-crew

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