Sous Vide: The Ultimate Summer Solution

Summer is for grilling but here are some sous vide hacks to make it easierThe thought of summer conjures up images of beach trips, sparklers lights streaking through the backyard and long afternoons. But what is summer without summer smoky flavors, bountiful summer produce, and picnics, picnics, picnics!

And as the days (and nights) heat up, it is time to let all of you in on a little secret: the Nomiku sous vide machine is one of the best tools to beat the summer heat and still enjoy all the flavors you crave.

We know sous vide has long-been considered a refined and precise appliance, usually synonymous with fine dining, while summer food is often hearty barbeque, rustic potato salads and homemade (or, let’s be honest, store-bought) fruit pies. These two worlds seem incompatible, right? Prepare to have your summer changed forever with these tips and recipes that will make your Nomiku the secret weapon for a better, tastier summer.

Why is your sous vide machine the best summer solution?

  • It keeps the house cool:  

    Most of us enjoy the warm, sun-kissed weather when we are taking a stroll or having a pool party but summer is when most of us dread cooking in the kitchen because the sweaty side effect is that it makes your whole house hotter. Well, sweat no more. Prepping your food in the sous vide water bath has little more impact on your home temperature than using the toaster, and even less if you cover the container with a lid, foil or cling wrap.So the next time you think you need to turn on the oven or simmer something on the stove, head over to Tender, our catalog of thousands of recipes for sous vide meals, and your family and electric bill will thank you.

  • It makes grilling foolproof:

    Whether it is at a park, backyard parties or your home grill, we’ve all eaten the overcooked burger or dried out chicken breast that once had so much promise. Grills are tricky beasts that heat-up unevenly or are piloted by people who would rather be playing tackle football than making sure your steak doesn’t cross the medium-rare line. Why not make grilling easier by pre-cooking your steaks, sausages, chicken breasts or veggies then finishing them off on the grill for 1-2 minutes per side. Everyone gets their protein cooked to the temp they like and they still get that nice char and grill marks that make life so grand. Looking for some sous vide grilling inspiration?

    Here are some must try recipes: T-bone steak, sliders, Sriracha butter chicken thighs, and these amazing bacon-wrapped hotdogs. Almost any recipe you see that asks to sear in a pan, you can replace with 1-2 minutes per side on a hot grill.

    Make grilling and BBQing a breeze with your trusty sous vide machine

  • You can BBQ without waking up early:

    Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” – Anthony Bourdain.

    If BBQ was road, that road would be traveled only by the most seasoned truckers driving slow and starting their shift at 4am. BBQ is a long game with a great payoff but not everyone has that time to feed a fire, keep the smoke billowing and watch patiently. Enter sous vide. We are not going to tell you sous vide takes the place of BBQ, but if you like shortcuts, we have one for those BBQ lovers out there. Some like to start their meat in the smoker then switch to sous vide for the long, slow cook. Others like to start with sous vide and finish over some smoky-hot hickory. You can also finish on the grill or in the oven with the help of some liquid smoke.

    Much like traditional BBQ, it is all about finding your taste and rhythm. Curious yet? Try this Beef Brisket and these Pork Ribs.

  • You can spend time at the party, not in the kitchen:

    When the party is by the pool, who wants to get stuck in the kitchen. You miss out on the action and usually get stuck with the dishes. Why not let your preparation ahead of time and your trusty Nomiku help you host the party? From keeping your cooked veggies at a warm temp to getting dessert handled while you eat dinner, your Nomiku becomes the sous chef you always wanted.

    For your next backyard party, prep these sous vide plums (you can pair it with your favorite ice cream, or this sous vide version).

  • When in doubt, let your Sous Chef do the work:

    Some days you feel like giving it 100% in the kitchen and other days you really wish you were in Back to the Future. Well we may not be there yet, but with Sous Chef Meals we have gotten a lot closer. With a few packets in your freezer for just this occasion, anyone can pop the meals into a water bath and have a delicious, quality meal in about 30 minutes. It really is just that easy.

Sous Chef Meals from Nomiku offers sous vide dinner in 30 minutes



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