Sous Vide Holiday Pork Shoulder Roast


Many holiday traditions call for a formidable beef roast, and while that can certainly be delicious, in our mind pork is very much a contender: it’s less spendy, but certainly not short on deliciousness. 

Roast pork is a Christmas tradition in both Denmark and Puerto Rico (flæskesteg and pernil, respectively), but we went to Italy for flavor inspiration here. Aside from rosemary reminding us of Christmas trees, our Italian bent sprung from finding a cut of pork, capicola, that’s best known in Italian salumi. Made up of a muscle that runs from the neck through the shoulder, it has tremendous flavor and fat marbling—but any boneless pork shoulder will work great here. 

With just a hint of sweet spice to add depth, the result is festively fragrant pork that won’t fail to bring some holiday cheer.

Get all warm and roasty here

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