Sous Vide Cooking Tip: Bagging Your Food Properly

sous vide cooking

A common misconception about sous vide cooking is that you absolutely have to have a vacuum sealer. While vacuum-sealing can provide some of the most optimal cooking conditions for sous vide cooking, it isn’t a necessity.

In fact, vacuum sealing can compress or damage some more delicate ingredients like some fishes or veggies.

And with no vacuum sealer, you can simply perform the “Water Displacement Method,” as demonstrated in one of our tutorial videos here. We’re a big fan of this method, and use it often in our test kitchen.

Bagging, no matter how you do it, is a crucial step to successfully sous vide. From prep, to the actual cooking, and to storage, properly bagging not only gives you the best sous vide results, but also the safest eating experience.

So with sealer or no sealer, make sure you choose the best way to seal for you!

If you ever have any questions about how to bag your food, let us know! Comment below or shoot us an email at

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