Sous Vide Beer and Cheddar Soup

Though beer soups date all the way back to medieval times, the credit for adding cheddar cheese is likely owed to Wisconsin, the heart of American dairy country. We’ve lightened our version up without sacrificing any of the rich, cheesy goodness of the beloved Midwestern standard by eschewing the typical base of roux, using cauliflower to add body to the soup along with a bit of hearty bread (a nod to its aforementioned medieval origins, when stale bread was the standard thickener for soups and sauces). 

A bit of lactic goodness in the form of yogurt of crème fraîche (instead of the normal heavy cream) along with the all-important sharp cheddar cheese is a beautiful complement to the earthy flavor of the beer, resulting in a flavor-packed, creamy, luscious soup is one you can be happy to indulge in without guilt.

Get your spoonful here

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