Sous Chef Meals: What TV dinners should have always been!

Food options have come a long way since 1953 when  C.A. Swanson & Sons coined the term “TV dinner” for their signature meals on an aluminum tray (originally designed to be heated in the oven). This pre-made meal concept helped free housewives from the constant expectation that they have to work all day to create a meal for the family.

Over the next two decades, TV dinners adapted to the new technology of microwave ovens, allowing meals to be prepared even faster and didn’t require that you even have a conventional kitchen to eat a full meal at home.

In recent years, however, nutrition and quality of ingredients have become a larger concern for consumers. Your standard TV dinner may have that time and storage convienence but they are often packed with sodium, additives, preservatives and offer few micronutrients. And can we just all admit that the texture of these microwave meals is often leathery and dry or soggy and waterlogged.

New Technology, New Way to Make a TV Dinner

Just as the microwave offered a new technology and method to prepare food faster, the Nomiku introduced sous vide technology to the home consumer, around 5 years ago, allowing for more precise cooking that results in tender, silky proteins and perfectly cooked vegetables.

Sous vide takes advantage of the science of food, allowing people to set the time and temperature necessary to cook any food to the exact specifications we know will offer the best results. But some of those proteins take a long time to cook and often, busy people don’t have time to prepare all the food they want perfectly prepared. For busy people looking for a TV dinner option (but better), we created Sous Chef Meals!

Sous Chef Meals was designed with busy people in mind. Maybe you are an accomplished cook on the weekends but weeknights are a struggle. Or perhaps you just want a day off every now and again. We even have families where one person has different dietary needs to accommodate.  Each of our standard meals is designed to go from freezer to plate in about 30 minutes, so it is easy to cook these meals in parallel to anything else you are preparing in the kitchen. Everyone needs a little help in the kitchen, and Sous Chef Meals are designed to help all of you.

Here’s why Sous Chef Meals are a better option than TV dinners:

  • These are chef-prepared meals. Our executive chef is always hard at work testing and preparing new flavors and meals just for you!
  • We use the freshest ingredients available. If it isn’t good enough for our family, we won’t put it in your family’s food! The most popular TV dinners can’t say that.
  • They don’t contain any ingredients that you wouldn’t see in your grandmother’s cookbook or your own pantry. 
  • The texture of these meals is far superior to microwave meals because they have been sous vide to gently rise to the perfect temperature for each of the food combinations.
  • No need to head to the store. These meals are delivered right to your door so never have come home to an empty freezer.
  • Every part of our meal packaging and boxing is totally recyclable. Yes, even the insulation and the soft plastic. *Just make sure to rinse out the food packages to remove the food remains before placing in your recycling receptacle.

So what are you waiting for? We have some amazing dishes that you must try. Doesn’t everyone want a sous chef in their kitchen to help do all the prep and clean up? Let us be your sous chef!

If you don’t know where to start, we have some great food boxes that offer a variety of dishes to try. We suggest starting with our Chef Favorites Box or perhaps the Ultimate Starter Box. If your needs are a little more specific, check out our Gluten-Free Box, Paleo Box or Lean Protein Box. There’s a box for everyone.

Bon Appetite!