Sous Chef meals are a hit among the hot food trends at Brainfood SF

Sous Chef meals display featuring the direct-to-you meals ready in just 30 minutes.

What are the hot food trends in kitchens around the world? We got a taste recently since this past weekend, for the first time ever, Spoon University held a Brainfood Conference in San Francisco at the Williams Sonoma headquarters. 

And as many of you know, where there is good food and amazing food tech, Nomiku is never far from the conversation. Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman joined some amazing food mavens such as Top Chef All-Star Richard Blais, Melissa King of Top Chef and Co+Lab, Brian Clark of Food for Thought Worldwide Ventures, Dana Peck of Pilot R&D, Shireen Yates of Nima Sensor, Jared Levan of Impossible Foods, Dominique Barnes of New Wave Foods, and Christoph Milz of Hestan Smart Cooking.

There were more than 150 food lovers finding out the latest and greatest food trends and tasting awesome bites by our friends with Soylent, Humphry Slocombe and Tcho Chocolate. And, of course, lots of Nomiku Sous Chef meals were had.

So Lisa, how was the inaugural Brainfood SF event?

It was great! Filled with people genuinely passionate about food and building a delicious future.

What did you learn at Brainfood?:

I met great people, most folks had their own startups. It’s so awesome to be surrounded by some many people with a love for great food and finding ways to elevate the experience around getting delicious food on your plate.

And, yup, there was even Sally, a machine that whips up a salad right before your eyes.

(Left to right): Top Chef alum Melissa King, Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman and Top Chef champ Richard Blais.

What food mavens did you enjoy chatting with?:

It is always a good time sandwiched between two amazing chefs: Melissa King and Richard Blais! I mean who doesn’t watch Top Chef and salivate over their food?

What trend will hit its stride soon?:

Precise temperature cooking! Sous vide included in that category. People are learning that heat is the secret ingredient in the kitchen. Controlling heat so exactly will change everything.


Lisa Fetterman with her latest (3rd generation) device, Nomiku Sous Chef.

Did you get any interesting questions?:

The moderator asked us what cooking methods are only for the 1% and which are for everyone?’

I think it is key to remember that good food has a place on everyone’s table and the players who are thinking of good design and service for everyone are on the right path. One of the biggest food trends we are on the cusp of is creating access to the right tools, making cooking perfect meals nearly foolproof. It shouldn’t take a giant kitchen and super expensive equipment to make dinner a quality for your family.


Brainfood SF attendees tasted Sous Chef meals

How did the crowd react to Nomiku Sous Chef meals?:

They absolutely loved it! We ran out of all of our food! We’ll bring more next time.

If you aren’t familiar with the Nomiku Sous Chef meals, now is the time. Brainfood SF attendees were wild about the taste, texture and convenience. Check out the new food delivery program that brings a sous chef to your kitchen when you need it. These meals remove all the prep work, clean up and provides you a precisely prepared meal in just 30 minutes any time you need.

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