Samsung Developer Conference: How Sous Chef Meals Advance in the Connected Kitchen

Samsung Developer Conference

October has flown by for all of us at Nomiku, has it been crazy busy for you too? [For a rundown on many of the other events we attended this month, you can check out our earlier blog.]

Last week we were at the Samsung Developers Conference and our CEO Lisa Q. Fetterman sat down with SiliconANGLE’s host John Furrier about Nomiku’s place in the rapidly-evolving connected kitchen.

Nomiku is proud to be the first and only external device app that comes pre-installed in the Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator.

Lisa shared some of the insights we have been collecting through our meal service, Sous Chef Meals, like the times and portions that Crossfit athletes are consuming (they get up so early).

As we continue to gain more eating habit insights, we look forward to expanding and personalizing the Sous Chef Meals’ offerings around what you love to eat.

Watch the above video for the highlights!

If you haven’t tried Sous Chef Meals and you live in the state of California, we are running an amazing special. We are offering the latest, third generation Nomiku smart cooker for $49 when you sign up and try our food program, making it the most affordable sous vide machine on the market. That is a savings of more than $150!

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