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This past weekend, Nomiku had the honor of having a booth at the 2nd annual Brit+Co. Re:Make Festival! It was a gathering of the coolest and most badass makers and entrepreneurs and it was such a blast to hang out with them on a beautiful Saturday in San Francisco. It was so fun that we just had to get down (awkward dancing to ensue if you click). 

imageThis was just the day after Cofounder Lisa gave a keynote speech about Nomiku and our maker journey at the Re:Make Conference. You can actually catch a cameo of here in a piece from SF’s ABC7:

The great thing about this event is that people GOT IT. When people saw the Nom sous viding carrots, asparagus, and eggs, they were so intrigued. They stopped by and after hearing about how sous vide could be applied to their lives, they just seemed to really get our vision for the kitchen–it was awesome. Some people had even backed us on Kickstarter! And some people even preordered the new WiFi Nomiku!


Oh and did we forget to mention that R2-D2 was there?? BECAUSE HE WAS.

imageAlso, did you know that you can buy the first-generation Nomiku from Brit+Co. as well? We’re proud to be among the tightly curated creative products that Brit+Co. is so well known for!

Were you at Re:Make? Did you talk to us or have any other photos or videos of us dancing to a remix of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”? Then let us know. We want to see!

To learn more about Brit+Co.’s mission to inspire creativity in women and other makers, check out their video:

Makers gonna make,
The Nomiku Team

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