Project Update. Two weeks in China!

Hello backers,

We’ve spent two weeks in China nailing down the right factory for the right price. Because we signed mutual NDAs with our factories, we cannot show you pictures of their production lines at the moment. Once a factory is officially tooling with us we’ll have a little more leverage and may show you our production line. image

We visited a few extra factories than the ones we previously scoped out because we have very high standards of production and treatment of workers. Unfortunately, all the factories we visited the first week winded up not making the cut. We extended our plane tickets for another week and are happy to announce we’re down to two contenders thanks to partnering up with D2M (the guys behind instacube).

Here are some important standards we looked for:

– Pollution Control

– Good lighting

– Good labeling on their raw materials

– Happy workers of diverse ages

– In-house tooling

– Organized line set-up


D2M stands for Design 2 Matter and they’re our official partners in our manufacturing process in China. We sat down with Larry of D2M Asia to finalize a schedule and it looks very aggressive. As a result, we’re moving to China for the next three months so we can iterate faster to make sure we deliver on time. We’re heading back to San Francisco tomorrow for two weeks in order to attend TechCrunch Disrupt and rent out our apartment. 


Our trip was filled with back to back days of being in the car. Perhaps one of our funnest rides was across the ghost bridge of HK. Because the bridge is only for approved cars it does not show up on maps.


And of course, we ate strange new delights. This is a steamed rice paper egg breakfast, there was a light garlic gravy we poured over it right before eating.

Before we left for China we were warned by manufacturing veterans that we were going to get fat. It’s typical of factories to take you out for massive meals in order to cement business relationships. Safe to say… we ate very well, and we’re fat.


Numbing beef!


Braised tofu stuffed with pork!

So far we’re on schedule with our electrical engineering and design updates. There was just a little hiccup in dealing with factories our first week but we reacted fast and are still on track to deliver in December.



Project Update. Two weeks in China!2012-08-25 07:05:00 GMT