Sous Vide Cocktails for Sunday Night Football

The vodka lemon drop is the pinnacle of sous vide cocktails.

Kickoff Game Day with a Lemon Drop

When life hands you lemons, find your highball glasses and make the darling of mixed libations: a vodka cocktail infused with caramelized lemons. The average bar makes this sweet concoction with bottled lemon juice, citrus vodka, and triple sec, but the true connoisseur uses fresh ingredients and experiments with new ways to elevate the flavor while preserving the drink’s delicate balance.  

This Sunday night, use the sous vide technique to infuse your vodka Read more

British-Style Fish and Chips Part 2

Sous vide chips go perfectly with beer-battered fish.

Fish and Potatoes, a Friendchip for the Ages

Now that you know how to make beer-battered sous vide fish, it’s time to add sous vide chips, the second part of this dynamic duo, to the mix. We use russet potatoes for this recipe because they’re very absorbent and starchy. They stay soft on the inside and crisp beautifully on the outside when you deep-fry them in canola or other vegetable oil.

Both the French and the Belgians claim credit Read more

British-Style Fish and Chips Part 1

Sous vide fish and chips for game day

Oh My Cod

An estimated 8,500 to 10,500 specialty shops across the United Kingdom serve fish and chips. Battered cod, soused in vinegar, and wrapped in paper is a beloved staple that 80% of Brits enjoy at least once a year. Fish and chips even nabbed spot number ten on a list of the UK’s top favorite smells in 2004. How did this dish rise to such prominence?

The tale begins in 1860 when Joseph Malin opened the first official Read more

Sweet and Spicy Cherry Cola Hot Wings

Try our chicken sous vide recipe for sweet and spicy cherry cola hot wings.

Chicken Sous Vide for a Game Day Win

Taber Randolph’s recipe for chicken sous vide cherry cola hot wings is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. First of all, homemade goodness beats takeout any day of the week, especially for such a momentous occasion as the upcoming game in Houston, TX. Secondly, a recipe that punishes as much as it thoroughly pleases is sure to get tongues wagging.

In Taber’s recipe, also available from our Eat Tender app, cherry cola sweetness perfectly Read more

Sous Vide Short Ribs are Worth the Wait

Sous Vide Short Ribs

Why Stout-Glazed Short Ribs are Perfect for Sous Vide

Short ribs tend to be meatier and tougher than other cuts of ribs thanks to various connective tissues, including collagen. But when cooked slowly at a low temperature, something magical happens. Sous vide hydrolyzes the collagen, which is fancy talk for a chemical process that melts the collagen fibers into gelatin. Gelatin is your friend because it makes cooked sous vide short ribs exceptionally juicy. When cooked at higher temperatures Read more

We Landed a Big Fish: Shark Tank Recap

shark tank

Did you see us on ABC’s Shark Tank? While it’s been more than a week, the post-Tank glow has yet to wear off. For our pitch to Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Chris Sacca, we made The Perfect Sous Vide Steak. The step-by-step strategy for this gold standard of steaks can be found on page 145 of Lisa’s book, Sous Vide at Home. The Sharks washed it all down with the perfect cocktail for such a … Read more

Nomiku is now available in Williams-Sonoma!


Holiday shopping just got better!

We are thrilled to announce that Nomiku is now available in Williams-Sonoma stores across the US, and guaranteed (right now) to arrive by Christmas if you order online. Engaged couples or parents-to-be can also add it to their registries – and get creative in the kitchen in the new year!

We’re so excited that the WiFi Nomiku will now be more accessible for home cooks to bring sous vide to their own kitchens. The ability … Read more

Nomiku on Shark Tank – Dec. 2nd, 2016

shark tank

After weeks of build-up, Nomiku pitching on Shark Tank is finally here! This Friday (December 2nd, 2016), Nomiku’s fearless leaders, Lisa and Abe, are stepping in front of the Sharks to show them how anyone can cook and eat like a top chef, regardless of skill level.

shark tank

Will the Sharks enjoy Nomiku’s creations, with the assistance of Chef Scott Peabody, or dismiss it as just fish food? Tune into ABC to find out what happens!

Press Release

shark tank


If you … Read more

Our Cookbook, Sous Vide at Home, Featured on 7×7

sous vide at home

Alright, so we typically wouldn’t give you this kind of advice, but with how beautiful all of these cookbooks are (Including ours, Sous Vide at Home), why not?

We’re so excited and honored to be on this awesome list of Bay Area cookbooks, corralled by the crew at 7×7!

As we get deeper and deeper into the giving season, might we recommend grabbing a copy of our cookbook, Sous Vide at Home? And any of these other books … Read more

Friday Food Crush: Juicy Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Sous Vide Chicken Breast

From Bruce K’s Instagram Post: “I couldn’t help myself and did up some sous vide chicken breast out for some meal prepping. I’ve come to terms with 60 deg/2 hrs for a moistness that’s pretty unreal!”

Isn’t there something just calming about a perfectly neat row of juicy, cooked meat just staring at your face? Or maybe it’s not calming, and is sending you into a meat-hungry frenzy?

Either way, we’re loving this pic of sous vide chicken breast! … Read more