Nothing to Wine About

One of the craziest things that we love (and are always impressed by) is how creative and inventive our community is. When we set out to make Nomiku, we knew that sous vide had a lot of great applications–perfectly cooked meats, veggies that were packed with nutrients, even dairy bases for yogurts and ice creams. However, alcohol always seems to be a surprising one–for our community and for us! 

One of our community members (who has been following us since our pre-Nomiku days when we had an open-source sous vide kit) sent us this photo: a Nomiku playing a key part in red wine-making! 

According to Sara, our Nomi-user, when making red wine, it’s important to have a consistently heated water bath for 2-3 days to aid in the fermentation process. Yet another application of sous vide and Nomiku that never crossed our minds! 

And once again, another impressed “woahhhhh!”

Have any uses for Nomiku that we haven’t thought of yet? Let us know!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!
The Nom Team

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