Nomiku goes to all the tech, food summits

Co-founders Lisa Fetterman and Abe Fetterman of Nomiku attend the Smart Kitchen Summit

Summits, summits everywhere!

October is always a busy month here at Nomiku. In addition to our preparations for the Holiday rush (don’t forget Nomiku makes a great gift!), there are a lot of food events, tech talks, and conferences that Nomiku is a part of. So far this month, there has been a great range of exciting events we’d love to recap for you.

Smart Kitchen Summit

On the 10th we were up in Seattle at the Smart Kitchen Summit to discuss our role in the connected kitchen both today and different capabilities in the future. CEO Lisa Fetterman touted the power of harnessing nutritional data and kitchen behavior so that both companies can react to user behavior and users can apply that data to better health and wellness actions. Lisa shared the stage with moderator Brita Rosenheim of The Mixing Bowl along with fellow panelists Mike Wallace, CEO of Perfect Company, and Tony Ciepiel, COO of Vitamix for an insightful discussion on ‘Building Services for The Connected Kitchen.’

Lisa Fetterman of Nomiku joins a panel at the Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle


Samsung CEO Summit

On Octocber 11th, Nomiku was at the Samsung CEO Summit in San Francisco to show how we work with the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge and fill attendees in on our growing food program: Sous Chef Meals. Many of the attendees got so excited at the idea of a meal that was ready anytime, anywhere.

Lisa Fetterman of Nomiku gets filmed at the Samsung CEO Summit


HOW SHE GOT THERE: An Evening with Female Entrepreneurs

On October 12th, Lisa Fetterman was one of panelists in a female entrepreneurship panel at General Assembly’s San Francisco office. She discussed the rewards and challenges in starting Nomiku as well as offer resources and tips to aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance.

General Assembly panel of female entrepreneurs includes Nomiku

Cherry Bombe Jubilee SF

We finished the week with a cherry on top! This past weekend our CEO moderated a panel on food appreciation and appropriation at the inaugural Cherry Bombe Jubilee in San Francisco. Panelist included Tanya Holland the chef/owner of Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland, Calif.; Yasmin Khan, a best-selling cookbook author; Preeti Mistry,chef and co-owner of Juhu Beach Club and Navi Kitchen; Andrea Nguyen, a food writer and cooking teacher; and Dominica Rice-Cisneros, the chef/owner of Cosecha in Oakland. The conversation was rich and dove deep into where people of color can create deeply personal and successful cuisine that reflects their heritage.

Cherry Bombe Jubilee Panel on women in food - a San Francisco food summit

Next up . . . 

Stay tuned because team Nomiku has no plans of slowing down. We will be in attendance at the D.Live Laguna Summit hosted by The Wall Street Journal Oct. 16-18, where we are also featured in the gift bags for attendees. And, also this week you may spot us at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Don’t be shy, if you see us, come say, “Hi!”

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