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Nomiku on Nom Nom Paleo

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One of the best parts of being a member of a huge food community is that we’ve made some amazing friends. Home cooks, chefs, bloggers, inventors, authors, you name it.

One of our friendships that we cherish is with Nom Nom Paleo‘s own Michelle Tam. Her paleo journey and amazing attitude about feeding her family delicious dishes inspires us to love life more everyday.

Michelle is known for giving you a very real look at the challenges of feeding your family balanced, thoughtful meals even if you live a hectic life. Her well-known “meals on 4.5 hours of sleep” and “stupid easy dinners” are not just relatable, they help us get food on the table regularly.

We are very excited that she will be featuring Nomiku on her next Facebook Live event Wednesday, October 4th at 5pm PST. The Facebook Live will be on the Nom Nom Paleo Facebook page and shared on the Nomiku Facebook page.

We hear she will be showing off the only way we ever cook chicken breast: sous vide! And will be sharing some tips, tricks and hacks to easily incorporate your Nomiku into a paleo or paleo-flexible lifestyle.

Join the Facebook Live and bring your paleo and sous vide questions. We will help answer as many as possible. If you tune in, you might even get an exclusive offer to make your dinnertime routine even easier.

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And if you need some sous vide paleo recipes, don’t forget that our online community (Eat Tender) has some dishes you should be introducing to your food rotation ASAP. Give a few of these a try and feel free to add in some of your own. If you want a suggestion on a first attempt, try theĀ Buffalo Paleo Shrimp. We promise, you won’t make the paleo shrimp just once!

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