Nomiku Goes to NYC

It was a whirlwind trip, but the Nomiku team is back from NYC! Monica and Patrick spent a few days in the Big Apple because Nomiku was a finalist in this year’s Edison Awards! We ended up taking home the Silver award, and we’re so proud! More about the awards once our official trophy is at Nomiku HQ 😉

While we were in NY, we wanted to meet up with as many people as we could (and eat and drink with them of course). Our first stop was at the wonderful De Gustibus Cooking School. De Gustibus is a super amazing cooking school in Manhattan, tucked away inside the Macy’s at Herald Square. The space is sleek and clean, and they bring some of the best chefs into their kitchen to teach students every single week! (Above is chef Ben Lee formerly of A Voce and Sal Rizzo, one of the heads of DG!)

Like The Chew’s Carla Hall! We’re die-hard Top Chef fans at Nomiku HQ, so you know we had a fangirl/boy moment. 

Also our friend Eamon Rockey of Betony NYC! You remember, when we were feature alongside him in Saveur??

Our next visit with Fleischer’s in Red Hook! We took the ferry for the first time ever from Manhattan (and we both used to live in NY for YEARS before moving to SF!) and got to enjoy the view before stopping by to see an even prettier view:

The wonderful people at Fleischer’s not only showed us around their processing facilities, but sent us home with two beautiful steaks! 

(There was a sign pointing to a place for Key Lime Pies, so why not have steak and pies?)

We’re in talks with Fleischer’s for a possible collaboration, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you visit their stores, a lot of their meats are sous vide with Nomiku, so…get on that. 

Our last night there, we of course had to celebrate our Edison Awards win, so we ran to Extra Fancy in Williamsburg! Chef Sean Telo uses Nomikus in his kitchen, so of course we had to come! We were treated to a truly marvelous tasting menu that seemed to never end. Even when we were about ready to explode, the food just kept coming. What a problem, right?

Above, you’ll see Patrick cutting into a Kobe steak with morels. Oh, and next to that? A seafood pot of ohmygoodness with clams, lobster, shrimp, and sausage. #blessed

Scallops and razor clams also made their way to our tummies via this scallop ceviche. We know this portion doesn’t look big…but after some Szechuan fried chicken, uni sushi, duck legs, three desserts….and a lot, a lot more, our stomachs were happy and very pregnant with food babies.

Not pictured are our meetings with the magnificent people of MOFAD and Good Housekeeping. We were likely to busy either talking, laughing, or all around having the best time ever to snap some photos. 

Happy Thursday!
The Nomi-Crew 

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