Meal Prepping Sous Vide Style: Breakfast Made Easy

Parents Prepare Food As Children Play In Kitchen

Meal prepping for the week comes with its shares of pros and cons. The pros are: It saves time during the week; It helps you save money (no having to grabbing takeout on a whim); It allows you better control of your health goals.

The cons are also very well known: It is time consuming to prep; It can get redundant.

We hope to help guide so that you can leverage your Nomiku device to help streamline your week but keep the level of quality you are accustomed to at the highest level possible.

We will be regularly blogging about tips, tricks, recipes and shopping lists to help make your preparation as easy-breezy as we can.

For this blog, we address breakfast!

We all want to spend more time enjoying our sleep and less time rushing to get out the door. In order to do this and eat a filling and nutritious breakfast, so prepping is necessary. So here is a shopping list for a week worth of breakfasts for a family of four.

Most of these recipes allow you the flexibility of bringing these breakfasts to school or work as well as various reheating options as quick as 30 seconds. Start your day the right way!

Shopping cart sous vide meal planning

Shopping List:

  • One container of steel-cut oats (12 or more ounces is more than enough)
  • Your favorite sweetener/oatmeal topping (brown sugar, honey, dried fruit, nuts)
  • Milk
  • Eggs (depending on your family/appetite 2-3 dozen should work)
  • A baguette (about 16 ounces – preferably a little stale so leave out to crust)
  • A loaf of you favorite bread or package of English muffins
  • ½ lb. of spicy or sweet Italian sausage
  • 1 package of bacon
  • 1 onion
  • 2-4 avocados
  • 1 bulb of fennel
  • 1 cup of grated pecorino cheese (approximately 1.5 oz pre-grated)
  • ½ cup of grated gruyere cheese (approximately 1 oz pre-grated)
  • ¼ cup neufchatel or cream cheese
  • Nuts/pistachios
  • Butter
  • Sea or kosher salt
  • 6 4-oz mason/ball jars and lids
  • 9 8-oz mason/ball jars and lids
  • You favorite fruit to supplement any of these breakfasts

Sunday prepping:

  • Get all your ingredients out on the counter along with mason/ball jars, lids, and at least 1 food safe bag for the oatmeal. Set your oven to 350F and lay out 3-6 slices of bacon on a baking sheet (check it and rotate after 10 minutes). When the bacon is done reserve some of the grease for the egg bite recipe.
  • Fill stockpot with hot water (the hottest from your tap will reduce warm-up time from Nomiku) and set up your Nomiku to 64C. Place at least 12 eggs in the waterbath for 45 minutes to an hour (just make sure you reserve 12 eggs for two of the other recipes).
  • While your Nomiku is soft-boiling eggs, saute your sausage in a pan and break it up into little chunks and assure the casings are removed. The more detailed recipe to follow is here: Spicy Sous Vide Sausage Strata. You should be able to completely assemble the Strata and jar them while your soft boiled eggs finish cooking.
  • Once the eggs are done, place them in an ice bath and increase your Nomiku temp to 77C.
  • Add the jars to the water bath while you prepare the Sous Vide Bacon & Gruyere Egg Bites.
  • By now the bacon you set in the oven is done and cooled so you’ll be using those here. Use remaining bacon grease to line the inside of your 4oz jars, you can simply use a paper towel to distribute it. If you tossed the grease already don’t fret, butter or oil works too.
  • Follow the Egg Bites recipe and assemble the jars and place into the 77C water bath while the Strata jars are in there. The Strata cooks for 2 hours and the Egg Bites for 1 hour but the eggs are forgiving if they get a few extra minutes, or 20.
  • Once the Egg Bites and Strata are done, carefully run a knife along the inside of the Egg Bites’ jars to release them, but do not remove them.
  • Refrigerate everything you’ve made so far: the soft boiled eggs, the Egg Bites in jars and the Strata in jars.
  • Now you will combine all the ingredients for the overnight Oatmeal. Set the Nomiku to 68C and use the water displacement method to lower a food-safe bag of Oatmeal into the Nomiku and let it go for the rest of the day or overnight and store either in the ziplock or more glass jars, if you have them.

Sausage strata nomiku sous vide breakfast meal prep


Spicy Sous Vide Sausage Strata – When you wake up you can either microwave these Strata’s individually for 30-60 seconds and eat out of the jar or put them back into the Nomiku for 30 minutes at 77C. You can even toss them into the toaster oven for 3-5 minutes on medium. Now you are set!

Eggs and avocado meal prep breakfast sous vide Nomiku


Soft Boiled Eggs, Avocados & Pistachios – Place two eggs per person into the Nomiku water bath set at 64C for 15-20 minutes and plate over ½ a ripe avocado. Add salt and pepper to taste.

sous vide egg bites Nomiku breakfast meal prep


Sous Vide Bacon & Gruyere Egg Bites – Place jars into a water bath with the Nomiku set at 68C. In 15-20 minutes you’ll be set. Need them faster? Remove the lids and microwave 30-60 seconds.

steel-cut oats Nomiku breakfast meal planning


Sous Vide Slow-Cooked Steel Cut Oats – Empty the bag of oatmeal into bowls and reheat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or place food-safe bag into a waterbath set to 68C for 15 minutes and boel after the reheat.

soft egg breakfast with Nomiku


Soft-boiled eggs on English muffins or toast (with avocado if you have any left). – This is the day to finish off your leftovers. Simply place the remaining soft boiled eggs in a 65C waterbath for 15-20 minutes and eat on toast or English muffins with avocado or tomato or whatever you have in the fridge.