Make It 7 Ways Meal Prep: Chicken Breast Can Be Exciting

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Bring on the chicken breast

With the New Year, many people see this turning of the page as an opportunity to jumpstart a new way of life. But the key to success is planning and preparation that makes a new, healthier way of eating easy to execute on when life gets hectic and hunger pangs strike.

While the Nomiku Sous Chef Meals‘ ‘Fit Resolutions’ box is ready to eat with main and side dish combinations all under 450 calories, if you are looking for ways to mix it up to stay committed to your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve outlined six ways to enjoy chicken breast that can get on your plate in 30 minutes or less but without the leathery or dry consistency of microwaved bag lunches.

Follow our guide for resolution success!

Stock your refrigerator and freezer

This plan is written for one person but can easily be doubled for couples or otherwise increased to feed larger families. This is a plan for one week of lunches (or dinners).

First, order up your Nomiku Sous Chef Meals and get that freezer filled with tender, nutritious meals. If you haven’t tried our chef-prepared and flash frozen meals yet, there is a ‘Fit Resolutions‘ box that is a great way to start stocking your freezer and works for this food guide.

In order to make these 7 chicken meals to help get us through the week, this was our shopping list:

Chicken breast fit resolutions box sous chef meals sous vide

Sous Chef Meals (One ‘Fit Resolutions‘ box includes these and more):

(2) Miso chicken breasts

(4) Chicken with sausage and peppers

(4) Sweet potatoes

(2) Red cabbage

(2) Glazed carrots


(1) Large sweet potato

(1) Container chicken broth

(1) Bag of quinoa

(1) Can of black beans

(2) Heads of lettuce

(2) Pita pockets

(1) Bag of low-fat cheese, like shredded mozzarella

(2) Pounds of squash, zucchini or other favorite veggies to roast

(2) Onions

(1) Container of salsa

(3) Small avocados

Various spices and some sesame seeds are always welcome.

Meal Prep Day

In about two hours, you’ll have seven meals prepped!

Start by getting your oven hot and roasting your veggies. Chop up the onions, squash, zucchini, etc. Put into a preheated oven (375-400F) season with salt, pepper and check every 15 minutes until it is roasted golden.

On another rack you can place a whole sweet potato that has been pierced by a fork and covered in foil. It will take 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the tuber.

While the veggies are roasting, make 2-3 cups of quinoa using the directions on the bag for the type of quinoa you choose. We recommend using half of the chicken broth for about half of the water recommended.

Place the remaining chicken broth into a container with your favorite noodle and some of the roasted veggies and bring to a boil until the noodles are al dente.

Once the soup is done, place into a container to refrigerate then use the same saucepan to heat up and season some black beans. You can add some of the roasted onion some of your favorite spices like a dash of cumin or paprika.

Place roasted veggies into three reusable containers.

Stuff the sweet potato with some black beans, salsa and top with some cheese. Place into a container in the fridge.

Place quinoa in a container in the fridge.

Chicken over roasted veggies (1)

About 30 minutes before you are ready to eat, tap and drop the the miso chicken into your Nomiku. Reheat a container of roasted veggies for about a minute and place the miso chicken on top.

Miso chicken sesame salad (2)

Thirty minutes before meal time, tap and drop the miso chicken and the red cabbage into your Nomiku water bath. While that cooks, tear or chop up a head of lettuce. Cut up some avocado, get out some salsa and top with the miso chicken, carrots and sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Italian chicken pita pocket (3)

Tap and drop the chicken with peppers and sausage into your Nomiku bath. A few minutes before it is ready, stuff two pita pockets with lettuce and fill with the chicken in peppers. Top with a sprinkle of cheese and any fresh veggies you have. Tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, anything works!

Ancient grain chicken bowl (4)

Tap and drop in one of the chicken breasts. Also tap and drop in a sweet potato packet with lime and cumin. As that cooks, you can reheat and fluff quinoa. Top the quinoa with the sweet potatoes, chicken breast and enjoy!

Chicken-stuffed sweet potato (5)

Tap and drop one chicken breast in your Nomiku. Reheat the cooked, whole sweet potato with black beans and cheese. Top with avocado and salsa as well as the chicken.

Chicken burrito bowl (6)

Tap and drop one of the chicken with sausage and peppers into your Nomiku water bath. While that cooks, reheat quinoa with some roasted veggies and black beans. Top with the chicken and add avocado and cheese as desired.

Chicken Noodle Soup (7)

Take the chicken noodle soup and add any of the veggies you have left. You can even add any quinoa too! Tap and drop the last chicken breast into your Nomiku water bath and combine for a delightful, filling chicken noodle soup!

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