Manufacturing update: #4

Dear Backers,

Happy 2015, and upcoming year of the goat!

We wanted to give you an update on our progress so far with Wifi-Nomiku. Here is our general roadmap for what you can be expecting from us as we move into the manufacturing phase.

For manufacturing, there are three major milestones before mass production (MP) can be achieved. First is an Engineering Validation Test (EVT), where we put prototype versions of the near-final design through all the paces, to make sure everything works together. Here we assemble about five units. If the prototypes pass testing, the design can be approved and tooling can be started. Tooling includes the mold design and mold making for the 20 or so custom injection-molded plastic parts we’ll make as a part of Wifi-Nomiku.

The next milestone is a Design Validation Test (DVT). This test is performed on a preliminary test run of molded plastic parts, and is done to ensure that the units look good cosmetically and all of the tolerances are within requirements—that is, that all the parts fit well together. During DVT, we will have parts off of our molds and will have had a chance to see how everything fits together, build a pilot number of units, and run tests to check that it all works according to planned. After passing this stage, every part of the product is considered final, and the focus becomes optimizing the manufacturing process.

The final milestone before MP is the Production Validation Test (PVT). This involves timing workers at each station and running the production line at full scale (for a short period). Testing after this stage confirms that the process can produce a consistent result in an efficient way.

We had hoped to enter EVT in mid-January, but we have had a lot more changes to the design than we expected. We’ve had two mechanical engineers join our team in the last few months (Tiffany and Alex), and they’re doing a fantastic job of problem solving.

We’re now on track to do our EVT mid-February. We’ll then start to cut steel with that design in early March, so that our molds will be finished in early April. We’ll get the DVT done that month, and should have the molds in production condition in early May. In May we’ll run the PVT, and if that goes well we can start shipping out units to our first backers by the end of that month.

We learned a lot from our first product, and are bringing that knowledge to Wifi-Nomiku. One thing we learned from that experience is that early design refinement is crucial to avoiding headaches later: “measure twice, cut once” applies here. We are taking the time now to ensure that we can deliver you a product that is elegantly designed, of high quality, and will make sous vide an effortless experience. Having Tiffany and Alex on our team has given us a lot more confidence in our design.

International backers, we also haven’t forgotten about you. While this roadmap is for our North American/120V version of WiFi Nomiku, our goal is that the International version will follow shortly after we have submitted for CE safety approval.

We know it sucks to have a delay and we are sorry to keep you waiting a little bit longer. One thing we’ll be doing is improving our communication and will be posting progress updates every two weeks. We want to include you and be transparent. Here’s a photo of our latest EVT prototype:

As always, if you have any questions, please comment below or send us an email at We’re listening as well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Dedicated to you, Lisa, Abe, Bam, Patrick, Monica, Tiffany, Chris, and Alex

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