Introducing: Nomiku Healthy Eating Series

We’ve mentioned this before from Nomiku HQ, but we’re trying to eat a little healthier around here. 

So we decided, we’re going to start a little Summer Healthy Eating Series. Everyone’s body is already Nomilicious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some healthy spins on your food! And with sous vide, choosing between healthy and delicious is never the case. 

Starting June 30, we’ll release a set of healthy and easy sous vide recipes at the beginning of the week for two weeks. These recipes will take the thinking out of keeping your meals healthy, but keep it super tasty! 

We’ve got our own ideas floating around in our heads, but we know that a lot of you use Nomiku and sous vide to supplement specialized diets like the Paleo, Zone, and Slow Carb diets. 

We’d love to hear some of your ideas of how you’ve kept eating healthy with a Nom in your kitchen. Let us know!

Nommingly yours,

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