Holiday Spirit: Buy a meal, donate a meal

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are thinking about how grateful we are to have the good fortune to access healthy, nutritious food everyday.

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the reality that millions of people are food-insecure and we want to do our part to give back to those that don’t come home to a stocked refrigerator. In this spirit, we are launching a give-back initiative. Starting this week, through the end of the year, for every meal you order on Sous Chef Meals, we will donate another meal to local Bay Area food banks.

How does this buy a meal, gift a meal work?

So what do you need to do? Just buy Sous Chef Meals the way you have been for months now and every two weeks or so we will count up how many meals have been ordered and box up the same number of meals to donate. That’s it!

We are setting a reasonable goal of 500 pounds of food to donate by the end of the year and we hope you are excited to help us reach this goal with us.

If you are interested in gifting Sous Chef Meals to friends, you will not only be gifting delicious food, but also know that you are helping give back to those that don’t come home to a full pantry everyday.

We look forward to updating on how this food donation initiative progresses.

Happy Holidays!


Details: Nomiku will donate food of equal value for each Sous Chef Meals item purchased between 11/15/2017 and 12/31/2017.

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