Have a Fresh Shake Shack Burger in California

Okay, so by now, probably all of America has heard of or eaten an In-N-Out Burger. Now while In-N-Out burgers are pretty freakin’ fantastic, the entire Nomiku team is either from New York City, or lived there at one point in their lives, and our burger of choice is the glorious Shake Shack burger. We’re not going to get into a fight about which is better *cough Shake Shack cough cough* but for those of us missing Shake Shack here in the Bay Area, we thought we’d just have to wait for our next visit to the Big Apple to enjoy them again. 

But we were SO WRONG. 

imageWHAT, WHAT, WHAT are they eating?? SHAKE SHACK? IN SAN FRANCISCO?? *faint*

You see that? You see that picture there? What you’re seeing is @notbutter and @iamxande enjoying Shake Shack burgers at @notbutter’s home in San Francisco. How did this happen without a teleporter? Well, their friend zambrano, who still lives in NYC, vacuum sealed a few Shake Shack burgers and flew with them all the way to the Bay. 

Upon showing up at @notbutter’s house, they dropped the vacuum-sealed burgers in the water bath (54.4C for 30 minutes) and voila. Shake Shack burgers like they had just been bought from Madison Square Park. 

We think the faces say it all. Pure, unadulterated ecstasy. A perfect taste of home, even after a cross-country flight. 

Genius. And delicious. 

Next time you have a hankering for something out of state, you know what to do. 

-The Nom Team

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