Food Crush Friday: A Tasty Trio from the Nommunity

Food crush Friday on sous vide lobster.

Spring is the perfect time for culinary goal-setting. We’re so grateful that we have a dedicated community of professional chefs, home cooks, and foodies who keep us on our toes with new recipes each week. Whether they’re complex, minimalist, or indulgent, we love to see it all.

In honor of Food Crush Friday, we’ve compiled our favorite three recipe sneak peeks from the past couple weeks. We’d like to extend an extra thank you to @julesfood (featured photo above) for consistently sharing his amazing photos.

Happy Friday, Nommunity!


1. Sous Vide Potatoes on a Bed of Braised Cabbage

Food crush Friday on sous vide potatoes.

Photo credit: Lillian / @cookingoncall

Do you prefer or need to eat gluten-free? That doesn’t mean your meals can’t be just as satisfying and flavorful. Lillian, a doctor and passionate cook, recently shared her recipe for sous vide potatoes with us on Instagram. Nestled on a bed of braised red cabbage and pea greens, these taters are something special.

While it’s obvious that the sous vide method cannot roast potatoes, it’s a great alternative to parboiling. An immersion circulator cuts down on the time this takes and actually locks in the flavor that can sometimes be lost with traditional methods. You get perfectly cooked potatoes through and through.

Check out this similar recipe for sous vide patatas bravas by Monica Lo on EatTender.


2. The 64-Degree Egg with Ponzu Sauce

Food crush Friday on sous vide eggs.

Photo credit: Jules and Ruby / @julesfood

There’s so much more to life besides scrambled, over-easy or sunny side up. In fact, 60-something degree eggs prove just that time and again with velvety smooth yolk and slightly firmer whites that keep everything together on the outside.

Our friend Jules shared his take on the 64-degree egg (that’s about 147°F): a delicious combination of Ponzu, a Japanese citrus-based sauce; sesame chili oil, and Shichimi Togarashi, a seven-color chili pepper seasoning that we loved using for our teriyaki chicken wings.   

If you have an eggs-on-everything philosophy, we definitely recommend preparing them with your immersion circulator. You might even enjoy this recipe for a 75-degree egg by Beau Smith on EatTender.


3. Sous Vide New York Strip Steak

Food crush Friday on New York strip steak.

Photo credit: Bryan Jason / @theoddcook

Bryan Jason, a San Francisco foodie and former professional cook, recently celebrated the beginning of spring with a trio of recipes that incorporate in-season fruits and vegetables. He was kind enough to share his mouth-watering New York strip steak with us on Instagram.

Arugula, fennel, crispy jalapeños, citrus fruits, and raspberries cover the juicy cut of steak. The Yuzu vinaigrette Bryan used (with a Japanese citrus base) is known for being ultra-aromatic, lending a floral flavor to the entire dish. We’re crushing hard on his use of a wide variety of ingredients!

We think all the meat lovers out there will also enjoy our very own recipe for sous vide steak tartare on EatTender.


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