Elevating the Hamburger to an Art Form

The burger crew, full effect

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means summer cook-off season! So let’s heat up the Nomiku, fire up the grill, and get this summer started. Although that backyard cookout burger is pretty tasty on a weekend summer afternoon… Elevating the simple burger to a sous vide’d gourmet experience will be the way to everyone’s hearts this summer season. The humble hamburger has become an art form with new flavors and taste combinations that go beyond lettuce, tomato, and onion on a sesame-seed bun. They are true works of art, and now you can join the ranks of burger connoisseurs by serving these gourmet marvels: 

Sous Vide Hollandaise Explosion Burger

This steak-themed burger comes filled with an incredible homemade Hollandaise sauce that gives you an incredible taste experience. Topped with Stilton or another type of blue cheese, this hamburger is a great choice for the steak lover. It brings together a symphony of tastes, and really is an explosion of flavor. Be sure to have plenty of napkins ready because this juicy, saucy burger concoction is a hot mess that’s good to the last bite.

Bill U Murray Me PornBurger

With a name that sounds a little cute and romantic with a little dirty on the side… This hamburger has everything that seems wrong put together into something that has never been so right. Take some delicious ground chuck steak and create patties that are started off with sous vide and then finished with a quick sear in a pan. Throw this on a toasted bun with some Thousand Island dressing, cabbage, sous vide egg yolks, and pickled jalapeños and onion. This is a must-try burger!

Bourbon-Glazed Burger

This saucy number includes a patty sous vide ground beef patty prepared with soy sauce, bacon grease, ground pepper, and molten pepper jack cheese. Yum! Finish it off with a homemade bourbon sauce that is a little bit sweet and a little bit zesty. Topped with shallots, thick-cut bacon, and bread and butter pickles brings this burger to perfection. Squeeze all this between a toasted bun and you have a gourmet taste experience.

Don’t Forget the Sides!

While you may not have room for anything else because these burgers are meals in themselves, you may still want to add some accompaniments. Perhaps a Sous Vide Kipfler Potato Salad w/ Seeded Mustard Dressing. Or cleanse your palate with some homemade Sous Vide Irish Coffee Ice Cream!

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