Apparently it’s Eat What You Want Day today (at least that’s what the Twitter gods who decide what’s trending today decided). Number one; isn’t every day Eat What You Want Day, and two; how do we get to decide a food holiday? Eat Until You Throw Up Day…but more refined. And less pukey. 

In any case, here are a few suggestions on what you should probably try and make to eat today. 

If there was ever a perfect mix of savory and sweet embodied, this is it. Sous vide fried chicken gets perfectly cooked on the inside so that you can fry it up to be super crispy without overcooking. Add some drippy-droppy syrup and some waffles, and we dare you eat this without smiling (and clogging your arteries). 

Full recipe is right here

You know what they say, bacon makes every better. And this recipe is a testament to that. It’s a simple bacon wrapped hot dog, but sous vide with your favorite hard cider. You probably won’t find these dogs at your local baseball game, but you can find it in your kitchen, and it comes with a side serving of eternal happiness. 

Full recipe is right here

And of course, you can’t really forget dessert. And for such an important day such as today, you might as well combine three of them into one for one epic Frankenstein’s monster of sweetness. This Monst-ert combines creme bruless, cheesecake, and ice cream. It’s so tasty you likely won’t run away from this thing, but rather run towards it with spoon in hand, ready to crack its tasty, sugary shell. 

Full recipe is right here

We hope you enjoy today and take this mentality of eating food that makes you happy with you every day. It will increase your waistline, but we like to think of your body just growing happiness. 

The Nomi-crew

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