Easy recipes using your Nomiku in Laurel Street Kitchen

Steak tacos from Laurel Street Kitchen

Two recipes we love from Laurel Street Kitchen

We love seeing how people use the Nomiku to tweak, improve or speed up their favorite recipes and the latest Nommunity easy recipes come from Renee Frojo from the food blog: Laurel Street Kitchen.

Renee is a freelance food journalist based in San Francisco who cooks, travels and eats a lot of amazing flavors from around the globe. She was gifted a Nomiku many months ago but, like many, was unsure how to incorporate the food gadget into her cooking routine.  This month she decided to finally crack open the box and learn how it worked. Minutes later she was cooking up a storm. Yup, she admits, it was just that easy.

She started with her riff on overnight oats. They are sweet and a little spicy, with cardamom and coconut milk. You can check out her recipe on Eat Tender here. These oats are an easy recipe that you punch up based on the ingredients you have on hand. We encourage mixing it up with new flavors. Hemp seeds, pluots, cocoa nibs . . . the possibilities are endless.


Laurel Street Kitchen Oatmeal


And then, she moved on to a great dinner recipe of sous vide flank steak tacos with fennel slaw and roasted red pepper salsa. YUM!!!

As a mom, she is always looking for a great meal that will feed the family without involving too much active kitchen time and this is just the trick. Check out the step by step on her blog: Laurel Street Kitchen. You can even plug the recipe into your Nomiku using the Eat Tender app and make dinner even easier.

Flank steak tacos

What new recipes would you like to see on our blog in the coming weeks? Let us know.

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