Descend into March Madness with Nomiku

March Madness with Nomiku


This post is for all our basketball enthusiasts out there. The true fans who “need a change of scenery” from their desks today. The ones searching for an unoccupied cozy corner in their offices so that they can “avoid distraction” and pretend to work while they furrow their brows at the latest March Madness shocker streaming from the corners of their computer screens. Did you get that email we sent you? No, we didn’t think so.

As thrilling as today’s opening action will surely be, we know you’re all eagerly looking forward to the weekend when you can watch your alma mater go dancin’ into the Sweet 16. So without further ado, we present to you the perfect sous vide March Madness menu, designed to maximize your couch (and bracket) time.

Sous Vide Zucchini Yogurt Herb Dip

Zucchini Dip for March Madness

Watching sports without a tasty dip and chips just feels wrong. By cooking the zucchini in this recipe sous vide, your dip will be super creamy and extra nutritious. Prepare it ahead of time so you can watch your overtime thriller uninterrupted, dip on hand.

Teriyaki Sous Vide Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings for March Madness

These wings are also easy to prep ahead of time. You can sous vide them and prepare the marinade the day before; just be sure to save the oven time for right before you’re ready to chow down so that they’re nice and crispy. Nobody wants a soggy wing!

Sous Vide Pork Ribs

Ribs for March Madness

If you can get these ribs started Friday night, your stomach will thank you on Saturday. We have a feeling that this might just be your year to finally win it all, and these ribs are the perfect celebratory meal. Be sure to invite some friends over and share the magic of sous vide with them as you take in the Madness.

Meyer Lemon Tom Collins

tom collins for March Madness

You spent hours studying the Kenpom ratings, watched far too many mid-major games desperately searching for that secret sleeper, resisted betting with your heart, and now… It’s paying off big time. Make yourself a sous vide cocktail. You deserve it!


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