The Baconer: Meet the boutique sous vide bacon made possible with Nomiku

Living the Bacon Dream

Nestled in the heart of Oakland, you will find the juiciest bacon you’ve ever had.  For more than a year, The Baconer has been transforming Marin county heritage pork bellies into everyone’s favorite food group: bacon.

Founders Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis are obviously lovers of the salty strips of perfection but they stand apart from their fellow bacon producers because they looked at the whole process differently.

“The standard way to prepare bacon for sale involves finishing processes that bring the pork up to the regulated temperature required for sale,” said Velasquez. “For many producers this means finishing the bacon in the oven or even a steamer and it is here that the texture and moisture I love is lost!”

While experimenting different ways to finish their pork Camilo experimented with a Nomiku sous vide smart cooker that was in his kitchen. The results were outstanding.

“What we got was juicy, tender, and flavorful!” said Camilo. “I knew we were on to something!”

Why Nomiku

Camilo and Elisa happend upon Nomiku on a lark (it was in the community kitchen they produce out of) but they were excited with how compact and affordable it is.

As a small business with just three of them making hundreds of pounds of pork belly a week, they couldn’t sink more than a thousand dollars into an industrial sous vide machine, nor did they have the space to accommodate such a purchase.

“When we found out Nomiku was a local company here to the Bay Area and how many other restaurants and producers use them it seemed obvious that we would go with Nomiku,” said Camilo.

Elisa and Camilo have become impromptu sous vide educators through the sales they do at local farmer’s markets.

“Customers often ask us what is sous vide, why is it better, and how can I sous vide when they come to our tents,” said Elisa. “So we end up speaking about how we are sealing in all the juices and flavor by using sous vide over ovens or steam and people walk away with some bacon and some new information.”

Tell Me More about this Bacon

As The Baconer closes out Elisa and Camilo are launching a new way to sell their food: a ‘Bacon of the Month’ service! While they aren’t the first or only company offering a monthly shipment of bacon right to your door, their varieties and flavors (in addition to the unparalleled juiciness) are certainly a cut above the rest.

Unlike most bacon out in the market, The Baconer offers two cuts and 5 flavors of their salty treats. The two cuts are: Your traditional strips of bacon (a breakfast staple) and lardons (these are batons of pork that you may see in your favorite bistros’ pasta dishes or topping frisée salads).  The flavors (which will be growing to include more in the coming months) are currently: Sweet Maple, Smoky Paprika, Jalapeño, Pastrami, and Bacetta — a bacon-pancetta hybrid with flavors or Juniper, garlic, bay and thyme.

Wanna Win Some Bacon and the ‘Sous Vide at Home’ Cookbook?

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Join in, why not? And if you do win . . . .

You can try these . . .

Bacon-filled Recipes

We can’t talk about bacon and not offer up some The Baconer-approved recipes for you to enjoy in your own home. Here are two that will change your life for realz!

Bacon-Topped Egg Custards

The Baconer Sous Vide Egg Bites Egg Custard Bacon


  • 6 eggs
  • 2 cups of heavy cream
  • Salt to taste
  • ‘Sweet Maple’ or ‘Smoky Paprika’ The Baconer Lardons (as many as you like!!!)


Heat you water bath to 180F.

Cook bacon on a stove stop skillet or cast iron pan until the fat is rendered off.

Blend eggs, cream and salt in blender until smooth.

Pour egg mixture into 4oz mason jar. It should fill around 6-7 cups depending on how full you want them (we recommend leaving so space since it may expand a little and you don’t want spillage.

Top gently with bacon  – It is best if the bacon stays on the top.

Close lid lightly and place mason jars in heated water.

Cook for 20-25 minutes (if you like softer eggs, 20 minutes is plenty, if you like a firmer egg bite then go for closer to 25 minutes.)



PB&J (and BACON)

Peanut Butter and Jelly and Bacon

This recipe is a lot less formal but we had to include it because look at that picture! Are we drooling?

Here’s how you do it, straight from the words of The Baconer founder himself, Camilo:

“We love this recipe on a toasted English muffin or thick soft bread. Better yet, fry the English muffin or bread in butter first, THEN apply copious amount of peanut butter, jelly (or jam) and Sweet Maple Lardons, and then fry in butter yet AGAIN. All this frying in butter may seem redundant but who doesn’t love a hot melty gooey PBJ&B?”

We need to go make two of them stat!

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