Back to school: Sous vide hacks to keep healthy food on the table

.Back to school meal prep sous vide

It’s back to school time once again. The hectic flurry of carpool duty, picking up art supplies, getting to after school sports and correcting homework all the while trying to keep healthy meals flowing at a constant pace. It always feels like September passes with breakneck speed but a little advanced planning and some convenient new tools can make back to school a little smoother.

Enter the new Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Smart Cooker and deliciously magical Sous Chef Meals. See how you can lighten your load with the power of sous vide.

No more burnt breakfast

Getting breakfast ready before everyone scatters to their destinations is often challenging and, to make it easier, we often resort to cereal or fruit bars that can be less-than-filling and packed with sugar.

Here are some sous vide breakfast solutions that don’t equate to more time standing in front of a pan, because we know how you need to multi-task in the morning.

Overnight steel-cut oats

Set your Nomiku to 155F for about eight hours (so overnight is perfect) and wake up to steel-cut oatmeal for the whole family.

Steel-cut oats sous vide overnight for back to school breakfast

Egg bites

These egg bites take just an hour at 172F to make and can be made in batches for the whole week and reheated in the Nomiku or the microwave. Easy for grab and go breakfasts.

Sous vide egg bites are easy for back to school breakfasts

Spicy sausage strata

This savory breakfast dish is a nice shift from traditional eggs and toast. Cook it for two hours at 170F and is also great for batch cooking, especially if you have glass jars. Then you can microwave individual portions as needed.

Easy back to school breakfast component spicy strata sausage

Dorm life

Leaving home for the first time brings excitement and a lot of learning moments. Dorm life is cramped and often means either no kitchen or, at the least, a very under stocked kitchen. Nomiku to the rescue. With a stock pot, a Nomiku and few freezer bags are you are ready to get some healthy food in between study sessions.

If you have a loved one headed to college, give them the gift of healthy food cooked to perfection.

Sous chef meals are great for back to school cooking and dorm life

The new Nomiku WiFi Sous Vide Smart Cooker works as a premium standalone, home immersion circulator but it also pairs with a revolutionary “nom-ready” no-prep meal delivery program called Sous Chef Meals. Order frozen meal components for your college-age loved. They can simply scan the food and let the device do the work. Maybe they’ll get more studying in?

No cutting, no dishes to wash, just healthy food in 30 minutes or less.

Good food doesn’t mean having to wash a sink full of dishes or grocery shopping to constantly keep the refrigerator stocked. From meatballs in spicy marinara over grits or chipotle pork adobo to thai chicken curry with purple cabbage, Nomiku has modular options to mix and match flavors in a hurry. 

Sous chef meals display shows all the components you cook

No more relying on delivery pizza when hunger strikes–and you can leave a credit in their account, so you know that their food budget is really going toward food! 

Meal planning for dinner

One of the greatest benefits of the sous vide and the Nomiku is being able to drop your food into the waterbath and do other activities without fear that something will burn, get overcooked or set the kitchen on fire.

Using sous vide for dinner allows you so much flexibility. We will be regularly sharing tips, tricks, recipes, and shopping lists to help you meal prep and insert more variety into your home cooking. This blog about spending an afternoon prepping dinners that are as close to drop and go for the whole family as can be. Most of them require 5-10 minutes of time in the kitchen.

We are adding new items to our Sous Chef Meals program as we speak. Stock up your freezer with dishes that anyone can drop into a water bath and eat in 30 minutes.

Busy evenings are the perfect time to try a few Sous Chef Meals. They are perfect for picky eaters and kids that want to pick their meal out for themselves. You may be in the mood for spicy meatballs and someone else wants pork and grits. No problem!


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