Kicking off Amazon Prime Day with our Gift $20, Get $20 Program

prime day

It comes but once a year, Prime Day is upon us! It is a day when shopping lists and wish lists magically turn into packages on your front door.

As you scope out deals on the gadgets you’ve been lusting after and stocking up on early birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts, we have a new promotion that helps you save your friends some money on their first purchase of a WiFi Nomiku and sends money back your way for being an amazing Ambassador for Nomiku.

Our new referral program is a ‘Gift $20, Get $20’ program. Send your friends and family $20 off their first WiFi Nomiku and once they make the purchase, that $20 zips right back to you so that you can buy your latest need or want on Amazon.

You can help your people cook the tenderest meats, fish, and veggies in no time. It ends up costing you nothing and saving your friends and family $20 on their first Nomiku.

So now all those people you tell about the wonders of sous vide have no excuse not to give it a try, especially since we’ve extended our summer sale through July 15. This means that with the $20 referral credit you send, your friends are saving nearly 40% on their Nomiku.

Just $154.99 stands between them and flawless meals for years to come.

And if your people need a little reminder on what sous vide is, why the Nomiku is the best choice on the market, or just how to make a perfect steak, we have all the steps covered between our blog and our app: Tender.

So what are you waiting for, give the gift of sous vide today!