5 Reasons Dad Will Love to Sous Vide at Home

June is here and it’s all about getting outside to enjoy fun as a family, and finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day. It can be difficult to think about great gift ideas for the man who has everything, so we thought we’d make it easy for you to give Dad the best cooking gadget EVER!

Here’s why he’s going to love it:

1) His food will taste like he’s a top chef!
Sous vide cooking has long been a top chef’s secret to preparing delicious food and especially succulent meat. Nomiku also offers everyone the ability to create restaurant quality dishes at home, regardless if Dad is a master chef or if he burns water.

Perfect for summertime, Nomiku also slowly infuses flavor into classic barbecue recipes. And sometimes, Dad’s reputation is on the line when it comes time to fire up the grill and deliver perfectly tender barbecue pork shoulder. Sous vide eliminates the grill guesswork and simplifies the overall process with a slow cook that yields fall-apart textures. While sous vide may not be the purist’s approach to barbecue, we guarantee that Nomiku helps meat retain a deep smoke flavor (without a barrel smoker) and prevents a tough, rubbery outcome.


2) He’ll be able to control the precise cooking temperature from anywhere–with his smartphone.
Sous vide cooking allows for precise temperature control. It’s impossible to overcook or undercook your food. Sous vide makes steaks magically medium-rare from edge to edge, every time. The sous vide method yields a wider range of textures and complex flavors. Eggs, for example, become a sauce-like yolk or a golden custard based on temperature.

Nomiku is both WiFi and smart phone connected. So Dad will be able use our smartphone app to control Nomiku from anywhere, even outside your home network. He’ll even be able to send recipes straight from his phone to the device with our ever-growing library of step-by-step sous vide recipes.


3) He can join the fun in the sun.
Since the Nomiku is doing the cooking, Dad can “have fun until it is done!” Instead of being chained the grill, Dad can join in the summer fun.  Sous vide is the method of cooking vacuum-sealed food in a controlled low-temperature water bath. Simply immerse your ingredients, then walk away. With the WiFi connection, the device will even tell you when the food is ready.

It’s so easy: simply fill a pot with water, clip the Nomiku on the pot, and drop your ingredients in a heat-safe bag. Then let Nomiku cook your meal to perfection. Add a quick sear for the perfect summer experience.


4) He’ll be the first one on the block to show off his new skills.
Sous vide is rapidly growing in popularity, but your Dad might be the first of his friends to pick up the new method. He’ll be able to impress his friends with amazingly tender and delicious meals and will own the “cool dad” title as he teaches his friends all about sous vide.

Did you know that adoption of sous vide is growing faster that the original adoption of the microwave?


5) He’ll be able to share amazing recipes with his friends.
Nomiku has the Tender community of fellow sous vide enthusiasts, which includes 1000s of sous vide recipes. He can search for the best recipes right from his phone! Once he’s found the perfect dish, he can send the cooking time straight to the Nomiku device.  And once he’s mastered sous vide, he’ll be able to upload and share his own special creations with his friends and the the world’s largest sous vide community.


BONUS: He’ll be happy to know that Nomiku is Made in the USA!
Nomiku is built in the USA, and has a semiconductor heater that will never wear out. The Nomiku is also trusted by top restaurants around the world. (Including the #1 restaurant in the world, according to the Pellegrino Top 50 Restaurants list.)


From our family to yours.
Co-founded by a (now) husband and wife team, Nomiku is a family passion around amazing food brought to life! Lisa was envious of the sous vide method used in top NYC restaurants, but the machines were cost-prohibitive to the home chef. As their romance blossomed, Abe said “I can make that machine for you,” and the home sous vide movement was born.  Nomiku is focused on making it easy to eat a delicious meal and helping friends and family gather to share that delicious experience.


….and 3 reasons you’ll love to give Dad the gift of sous vide this Father’s Day.

1) It’s the one thing he (probably) doesn’t already have!

2) You’ll get to enjoy the all of the amazing meals and experiments he tries with his WiFi Nomiku.

3) We’ve put together 2 very special offers just in time for Father’s Day

  • $175 for the WiFi Nomiku (through June 30, 2017)
  • $199 for the Father’s Day Gift Bundle which includes the best-selling “Sous Vide at Home” cookbook and our WiFi Nomiku device together (through June 30, 2017)