Link: Making a PornBurger With Mathew Ramsey | National Geographic Channel

It’s been a good week of TV stardom for Nomiku! First, we were used in the new Food Network show, Kitchen Inferno, by Chef Michael Chiarello (to make a winning sous vide duck dish, btw) and now we’re on National Geographic! 

The genius behind PornBurger showed Nat Geo how to make his “Bill U Murray Me Burger” (you can catch our version here). The Bill U Murray Me has a sous vide yolk inside and the patty is sous vide itself, before being thrown onto a grill. 

It’s a beautiful masterpiece, and as Mathew says–a true “tonguegasm”

Check out the beautiful video here

We’re feeling like proud parents this week (at least more than usual) after our baby Nom starring roles 😉

Happy Friday,
The Nom Team

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