Sous Chef Meals: What TV dinners should have always been!

Food options have come a long way since 1953 when  C.A. Swanson & Sons coined the term “TV dinner” for their signature meals on an aluminum tray (originally designed to be heated in the oven). This pre-made meal concept helped free housewives from the constant expectation that they have to work all day to create a meal for the family.

Over the next two decades, TV dinners adapted to the new technology of microwave ovens, allowing meals to be prepared … Read more

5 Sous Vide Bowls for Your Meal Prep (Including a Savory Breakfast Bowl)

Nomiku Sous Chef Meals Thai Curry Chicken and Jasmine Rice

If you are anything like those of us at Nomiku, you want more ideas what you can meal prep so that you eat as many healthy meals as possible without resorting to shelling out too much money on your lunch hour from pricey eateries near your office.

So when you are meal prepping, here are some ideas for fulling and easy grain bowls to get you through the week without … Read more

Sous Chef Meals: The meal kit that cooks itself

Nomiku Sous Chef Meals kit

As our lives become busier and more demanding, we search for shortcuts to help meet all of our needs. One aspect of our daily lives that we are constantly looking for solutions to save time: mealtime!

One of the most popular time-saving meal solutions is turning to delivery a meal kit. They are shipped right to your door, but do they solve all, or even most, of your mealtime problems? Not quite.

Your standard meal kit isn’t always convenient

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These Sous Vide Egg Bites Are a Game-Changer!

Sous vide has become a more commonly mentioned method of cooking. You may have noticed that one of the most prevalent cafes on the planet touts sous vide egg bites. They are protein-packed and easy to grab and go for breakfast or snacking during your busy life.

Well, if you have a Nomiku at home, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned cash on those packaged egg bites, we have a recipe to make them with any of your favorite … Read more

Thank you for helping us feed so many!

You did it! Thanks to all your support, we were able to donate 366 individual servings (that’s nearly 150 pounds) of food to Bay Area food banks during the holiday season.

We announced in November that we were launching a give-back initiative. So, November 15th through the end of 2017, for every meal you ordered on Sous Chef Meals, we donated another meal to the food bank. Giving back feels great.

We couldn’t be happier dropping off all that … Read more

Make It 7 Ways Meal Prep: Chicken Breast Can Be Exciting

photography by Albert Law :

Bring on the chicken breast

With the New Year, many people see this turning of the page as an opportunity to jumpstart a new way of life. But the key to success is planning and preparation that makes a new, healthier way of eating easy to execute on when life gets hectic and hunger pangs strike.

While the Nomiku Sous Chef Meals‘ ‘Fit Resolutions’ box is ready to eat with main and side … Read more

Celebratory Appetizers for Your Holiday Parties

The best way to get any party started is with amazing appetizers. They excite your guest as an amazing first impression and can even become the main event, with enough of them. If you are seeking some appetizers that your guests will talk about for the next year (or more) look no further. We have three delightful bites that balance sweet, salty, savory and brightness. Pair with a signature cocktail and you have yourself something worth celebrating.


Duck Bacon

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Quick Meal Hacks for a Stress-Free Pre-Holiday

The holidays are often a kitchen-heavy time of year. Oven space is limited, pots and pans are constantly being clean and reused.  Someone is always hungry and asking when the next meal is.

Since many of us are trying to feed a small army in our modest kitchens, why not make use of your Nomiku to help keep the meals (and drinks) flowing.

Here are some holiday-saving hacks using your Nomiku!

Belly warming breakfast with no fuss

Sous Vide Overnight Read more

Holiday Roasts

holiday roast

Thanksgiving has sewn up the claim on turkey. When you think about your Thanksgiving menu, it must include turkey in some way but the other holidays leave a lot of room for interpretation. For Christmas and Hanukkah many turn to a prime rib roast, brisket or a tenderloin.

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with any roast on the holidays. Someone carving up a beautiful cut and pouring gravy or jus atop, it signals the holidays just as much … Read more

The Baconer: Meet the boutique sous vide bacon made possible with Nomiku

Living the Bacon Dream

Nestled in the heart of Oakland, you will find the juiciest bacon you’ve ever had.  For more than a year, The Baconer has been transforming Marin county heritage pork bellies into everyone’s favorite food group: bacon.

Founders Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis are obviously lovers of the salty strips of perfection but they stand apart from their fellow bacon producers because they looked at the whole process differently.

“The standard way to prepare bacon for sale … Read more