Holiday Spirit: Buy a meal, donate a meal

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are thinking about how grateful we are to have the good fortune to access healthy, nutritious food everyday.

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the reality that millions of people are food-insecure and we want to do our part to give back to those that don’t come home to a stocked refrigerator. In this spirit, we are launching a give-back initiative. Starting this week, through the end of the year, for every meal … Read more

Create a new tradition: Meet the juiciest Thanksgiving Turkey

Nomiku Sous Vide Turkey

One of the most dreaded parts of Thanksgiving is being the one that is tasked with making the turkey. It usually means hours of advanced planning, early morning prep work, watching and worrying that someone will think it is too dry.

If you are ready to say goodbye to most of those worries, you are ready to try our Sous Vide Thanksgiving Turkey recipe.

Some families will stick with Norman Rockwell image of carving a brown turkey at the … Read more

Canned No More: Try Your Hand at this Cranberry Sauce

Nomiku sous vide cranberry sauce

We are not here to shame anyone that love the cranberry sauce from a can. Cranberry sauce, especially the canned variety, has a lot of nostalgia tied up in it and that cylindrical jelly gets the job done. But we are also all about starting new traditions.

If you are ready for some new flavors and texture in your cranberry sauce, we have just the recipe for you. This Honey-Bourbon Cranberry Sauce is closer to a relish or chutney than … Read more

Samsung Developer Conference: How Sous Chef Meals Advance in the Connected Kitchen

Samsung Developer Conference

October has flown by for all of us at Nomiku, has it been crazy busy for you too? [For a rundown on many of the other events we attended this month, you can check out our earlier blog.]

Last week we were at the Samsung Developers Conference and our CEO Lisa Q. Fetterman sat down with SiliconANGLE’s host John Furrier about Nomiku’s place in the rapidly-evolving connected kitchen.

Nomiku is proud to be the first and … Read more

Fall Favorites: Going Beyond Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin puree sous vide nominé

Fall is here and pumpkins are making their robust presence known. They bellow through entryways of grocery stores, they punctuate front porches in your neighborhood and all manner of decorative gourds get peppered on countertops and window boxes this time of year. But these fun gourds are so much more than a seasonal decoration and the default pie filling you became bored with years ago.

Here’s a few fresh ideas for what you can do with your pumpkins to excite … Read more

Nomiku goes to all the tech, food summits

Co-founders Lisa Fetterman and Abe Fetterman of Nomiku attend the Smart Kitchen Summit

Summits, summits everywhere!

October is always a busy month here at Nomiku. In addition to our preparations for the Holiday rush (don’t forget Nomiku makes a great gift!), there are a lot of food events, tech talks, and conferences that Nomiku is a part of. So far this month, there has been a great range of exciting events we’d love to recap for you.

Smart Kitchen Summit

On the 10th we were up in Seattle at the Smart Kitchen Read more

Tune in: Nomiku on Nom Nom Paleo Facebook Live

Nomiku on Nom Nom Paleo

Nom Nom Paleo Time

One of the best parts of being a member of a huge food community is that we’ve made some amazing friends. Home cooks, chefs, bloggers, inventors, authors, you name it.

One of our friendships that we cherish is with Nom Nom Paleo‘s own Michelle Tam. Her paleo journey and amazing attitude about feeding her family delicious dishes inspires us to love life more everyday.

Michelle is known for giving you a very real look … Read more

Sous Chef Meals Remix: Cabbage Five Spice three ways

2017 Nomiku Braised Red Cabbage Dish 13_01

Bring on the cabbage!

When we built the Sous Chef meals program we had deliciousness and convenience in mind. The Sous Chef Meals are modular so that you are freely mix and match the main dishes and side dishes with your taste for that moment. But what many might not realize is that we also designed these meal components to make it easy for you to mix and match with food you already have in your fridge and pantry.

As … Read more

Easy recipes using your Nomiku in Laurel Street Kitchen

Steak tacos from Laurel Street Kitchen

Two recipes we love from Laurel Street Kitchen

We love seeing how people use the Nomiku to tweak, improve or speed up their favorite recipes and the latest Nommunity easy recipes come from Renee Frojo from the food blog: Laurel Street Kitchen.

Renee is a freelance food journalist based in San Francisco who cooks, travels and eats a lot of amazing flavors from around the globe. She was gifted a Nomiku many months ago but, like many, was unsure … Read more

Sous vide: The suitcase solution to your foodie problems

Sous chef meals traveling Nomiku

Food is everywhere. If you are hungry, chances are, something edible is nearby but the question usually is: How healthy is that? Nutritious, delicious and affordable food is not always within arms reach but we have a solution.

Whether you are on a diet or just trying to live a balanced lifestyle, eating out is often too caloric and expensive, but most of us can’t just whip up a meal at the office or in a hotel room. Well, until Read more