Sous Chef Meals are getting new menu items!


Chicken Piccata Meal

Chicken Piccata Meal

Sous Chef Meals are on the rise! Starting this week, we are introducing, new menu items regularly to see which dishes you love. Executive Chef, Scott Peabody, will be creating some special menu items on a regular basis. These items will be available in limited quantities, while supplies last and are available a la carte or as part of a meal.

What’s new on the menu this week?

We would love you to try our take … Read more

Back to school: Sous vide hacks to keep healthy food on the table

.Back to school meal prep sous vide

It’s back to school time once again. The hectic flurry of carpool duty, picking up art supplies, getting to after school sports and correcting homework all the while trying to keep healthy meals flowing at a constant pace. It always feels like September passes with breakneck speed but a little advanced planning and some convenient new tools can make back to school a little smoother.

Enter the new RFID Nomiku sous vide machine and Sous Chef meals. See Read more

Meal prepping sous vide style: Dinner on a whim

Meal prepping bags in the refrigerator

Meal prepping for the week comes with its shares of pros and cons. The pros are: It saves time during the week; It helps you save money (no having to grabbing takeout on a whim); It allows you better control of your health goals.

The cons are also very well known: It is time consuming to prep; It can get redundant.

But more people than ever are searching cookbooks, scouring Pinterest and joining social media groups dedicated to meal prepping Read more

Sous Vide: The Ultimate Summer Solution

Summer is for grilling but here are some sous vide hacks to make it easierThe thought of summer conjures up images of beach trips, sparklers lights streaking through the backyard and long afternoons. But what is summer without summer smoky flavors, bountiful summer produce, and picnics, picnics, picnics!

And as the days (and nights) heat up, it is time to let all of you in on a little secret: the Nomiku sous vide machine is one of the best tools to beat the summer heat and still enjoy all the flavors you crave.

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Get Your Picnic on Sous-Vide-Style

Picnic Sous-Vide-Style!

Sous vide is genius. It’s a style of cooking that can be used for any course – appetizers, entrees, desserts – even salads can be prepared sous-vide-style. The Nomiku Eat Tender community has thousands of recipes for delicious dishes that deserve to be on both white linen clad tables and picnic blankets.

Since July is National Picnic Month, we wanted to offer you some different dishes you can bring along for a beautiful retreat in nature. Your standard Read more

Sous Chef meals are a hit among the hot food trends at Brainfood SF

Sous Chef meals display featuring the direct-to-you meals ready in just 30 minutes.

What are the hot food trends in kitchens around the world? We got a taste recently since this past weekend, for the first time ever, Spoon University held a Brainfood Conference in San Francisco at the Williams Sonoma headquarters. 

And as many of you know, where there is good food and amazing food tech, Nomiku is never far from the conversation. Nomiku CEO Lisa Fetterman joined some Read more

Keeping Local Manufacturing Vibrant with Nomiku


Nomiku, at its heart, is about community — and not just the one directly related to delicious food. Part of our passion for community is supporting and growing our local manufacturing ecosystem. We are proud to be a company, not just based in the US, but building devices right in the heart of San Francisco.

As our company grows, it is a privilege to bring more of our neighbors into the fold through the JobsNOW! program.


The JobsNOW! program … Read more

Sundays are for Sous Vide


Once upon a time, Sunday night dinners were tradition in homes across the country. It was a time to visit with family, appreciate a good meal and remember the ties that bind. Sunday dinner was important – an event not to be missed.

Today, family meals have become less of a tradition thanks to the 24/7 hustle and bustle of society. Children are busier than ever, with over-scheduled days consisting of homework, lessons, and sports’ practices. And parents, thanks to Read more

Kicking off Amazon Prime Day with our Gift $20, Get $20 Program

prime day

It comes but once a year, Prime Day is upon us! It is a day when shopping lists and wish lists magically turn into packages on your front door.

As you scope out deals on the gadgets you’ve been lusting after and stocking up on early birthday, anniversary and holiday gifts, we have a new promotion that helps you save your friends some money on their first purchase of a WiFi Nomiku and sends money back your way for being … Read more

Make this Summer a Sous Vide Summer



When you cook sous vide, you have the most tender, consistently good meals you’ve ever tasted! But taste alone isn’t what is making this style of cooking popular in homes across the country. Sous vide is easy, creating a lifestyle that is best described as “sous vide and chill.”

Gone are the days of using dozens of pots and pans, and spending countless hours of standing over the stove preparing a meal. Nomiku does all the work, giving Read more