We’re a Martha Stewart American Made Nominee!

We’re excited to announce that we are an official nominee in the Martha Stewart American Made Competition for Design! 

The new wi-fi connected Nomiku boasts a range of improvements from the last version, including being smaller, more powerful, and having a front-facing clip for easier access—but one thing we’re especially proud of is bringing the manufacturing of this model to the United States and specifically to our homebase of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

After attending the first-ever White House Maker Faire, we were inspired to leave China to make our products. It’s the Maker spirit in our team, what can we say (speaking of, you can read our ongoing series in MAKE about starting production in the Bay)?

We’re so excited to change the future of food with you all behind us and so happy that competitions like this one exist and recognize the hard work that goes into bringing innovative products to the States.

The Martha Stewart Made in America judges are hard at work, carefully selecting finalists. One of the criterion is being something that you’d want to live with everyday. We certainly live with ourselves everyday, so we think we have a good chance ;)

If we aren’t chosen by the judges though, you can still help us become finalists by voting for us! Voting begins on September 15. We’ll be giving out more info on how to vote if we aren’t chosen to be a finalist by then. 

Thank you so much again for your support! We’re going to make you proud! 

It’s a good thing,
The Nomiku Team


We Broke Our Own Record!

Such an exciting day! With more than a week left, our Kickstarter for the new wi-fi connected Nomiku has surpassed our first-generation Nomiku’s Kickstarter funding total and we’re still raising more!

We’re so happy and humbled by all your support—it’s been absolutely incredible and overwhelming. 

Please continue to share our project with your food-loving friends and family—we’re getting closer and closer to our stretch goals and with just 8 days left, we’ve seen an uptick in backers, so be sure to back now while you can! The Kickstarter price of $149 will not be offered after the campaign is over (and don’t forget International backers—there’s a $10 level for you to back at to reserve your unit when the International version is released). 

The Nomi-crew


Nomiku Kickstarter: Why WiFi?

We’re heading into the homestretch of our Kickstarter campaign for the new wi-fi connected Nomiku!

We’ve had some questions about why and how we decided to implement WiFi with our app—and it’s a great question. Hear what our Creative Director and CTO have to say about using your Nomiku with our app, Tender, and how having a WiFi capability provides a stable connection between you and your Nomiku (as opposed to Bluetooth) and allows for connectivity to other wearable devices. 

And don’t forget to share our project—we want to change the future of food and we can’t do it without your help!

We can do it!
The Nomiku Team


Sous Vide Baby Back Ribs with Brown Sugar Rub

Wet or dry ribs? Why not both? This is an amazing rib recipe that’s perfect to make ahead of time. If using a zip bag, we recommend clipping the seal area to the side of the pot with a clip. A freezer bag or vacuum-sealing is preferable for this recipe.

Serves 6

Cooktime: 24 hours sous vide


  • 3 racks Baby Back Ribs (about 4.5 lbs)
  • 1/4 cup Paprika
  • 1/4 cup Ancho Chili Powder
  • 1/2 cup Brown Sugar
  • 4 tbsp Black Pepper- grinded
  • Salt to taste


BBQ Sauce Ingredients:

  • Jus from the bag of ribs post cook
  • 1/4 cup Ketchup 
  • 1/4 cup Brown sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes


  1. Set Nomiku water bath to 65 °C (149°F).
  2. Mix your spices in a large bowl and generously rub onto all three slabs. Seal ribs and remove air from bag. Sous vide for 24 hours. 
  3. Remove after 24 hours. Heat up your broiler or grill to the highest temperature. Remove racks from bag and salt front and back of rack. Sear under broiler on high or grill for 2 minutes each side.
  4. In a small sauce pan on medium heat, pour in all jus from the bag of ribs and add sugar, ketchup, vinegar, salt, and red pepper flakes. Stir and reduce until it thickens up and can coat the back of a spoon.
  5. Plate ribs and sauce as desired.



5,000 Likes and Thank Yous!

imageAhhhh! Thank you everyone!! From getting our Kickstarter for our new Nomiku funded in less than 12 hours to getting us to more than 5K likes on Facebook—you guys are amazing!! Thank you, thank you! We’re so happy to have the best community ever :)

Much love,
The Nomiku Team


Fast Co. x Nomiku

Have you read the feature about Nomiku from Fast Company? Learn more about the new Nomiku, how we’re making it happen, and why this is our passion. 

Read the piece here.

-The Nom Team


The Nom and Omnivore Salt Team Are Such Winers!

The Nomiku team was so lucky to have spent our Saturday afternoon with the Omnivore Salt team! We spent the day cooking and bottling wine—a perfect weekend treat if you ask us! The Omnivore Salt team has been such a big supporter of ours, especially during our current Kickstarter campaign for the new Nomiku. 

Here’s some pictures from the event:











Some Frequently Asked Kickstarter Questions

Hi everyone!

We have a little over two weeks left in our Kickstarter campaign and are so humbled by the support you’ve given us! We’re on our way to meeting our stretch goals and can’t wait to change the future of food with you. 

There’ve been some questions that a lot of you have been asking, so we wanted to make sure you got ‘em answered!

Are you only shipping to the USA?
Nope, not all! We will be shipping our 120V version of Nomiku to the US and Canada. Because of certain settings on Kickstarter, our project is listed as only shipping to the US, but rest assured, we will be shipping to Canada, too. If you back for a Nomiku and want it shipped to Canada, please add $10 to your pledge for shipping. 

What about for international backers?
We’ll also be manufacturing an International model (220/240V) of the new Nomiku and shipping it internationally as well! You’ll notice a $10 international backer level in the rewards now. If you pledge at this level, you’ll reserve an international model Nomiku and be among the first to get ‘em! The $10 will go towards the Kickstarter price of Nomiku of $149 (which will never be offered again after the campaign ends) as well as shipping to your destination address. If you want more than one Nomiku, please pledge $10 per Nomiku. We will follow up with you post-campaign about next steps. 

When are the Nomikus shipping?
We have a projected ship date of March 2015 for the 120V (US/Canadian) model.For the 220/240V (International model), we don’t have a firm timeline just yet, but we’ll be keeping you posted! We anticipate it shipping after the 120V model in 2015. We’ll be working our butts off to get both models shipped as quickly as possible!

What about the Tender app?
The Tender app, the new Nomiku’s companion app, will be released at the same time as the Nomikus. It will be available for both iOS and Android. 

Wait. What is the Tender app?
Don’t worry, no swiping left or right for our sweet and sticky ribs. The Tender App utilizes Nomiku’s Wi-Fi connection so that you can send recipes directly from your phone to Nomiku. With Tender, you can create and share recipes—never salivate in vain over what your friends are cooking and eating. You can also use Tender to turn on and check on your Nomiku remotely. Never feel disconnected from your kitchen, no matter where you are and always be a part of our already vibrant Nomiku community. 

So why Wi-Fi?
Besides working in tandem with our Tender app (read above) and making your sous vide set-up super badass, having connectivity with your Nomiku while you’re away from your kitchen just makes sous viding that much easier. For instance, you can drop in a sealed bag of steak into a Nomi-water bath before heading out for the day. Set the Nomiku to a temperature for pasteurization (but not cooking) to hold your steak safely while you’re gone. When you’re headed home, use Tender to turn on your Nomiku remotely to have a perfectly cooked steak for dinner. What sounds better than coming home to amazing food every night? Hmm??

But I just got the first-gen Nomiku!
We’ll be offering a loyalty program for our backers who also get the new Nomiku! More info will be sent out post-campaign about the program. 

Confused. What is this even? Sous vide? What? Huh?
We’re not a big thermometer or a fancy pot decoration—Nomiku is a sous vide device, perfect for the home cook and professional kitchens alike. What is sous vide you ask? Check out our site’s FAQ for more information. Just know that sous vide will aid you in crafting perfectly cooked, otherworldly dishes consistently (without the use of a stove or other heating element).

I still have questions!
No problem! We’re reachable in most every social media channel! Send us a private message on Facebook, Tweet at us on Twitter, direct message us on Instagram (and check out all our lovely videos and photos), or shoot us an email at Info@nomiku.com. We’ll typically get back to you within the same day no matter how you contact us. 

Many thanks,
The Nomiku Team


Nomiku x ODB Giveaway!

We’ve teamed up with Our Daily Brine for a giveaway of a shiny new Nomiku! In addition to getting the Nomiku, you’ll also be eligible for the Kickstarter price of the new wi-fi connected Nomiku that’s on Kickstarter right now! The KS will never be offered again after the campaign is over, so if you want to get in on the deal, make sure to back now. 

There’s three ways to enter:

1. Like Nomiku and Our Daily Brine on Facebook and share the above image
2. If you’re on Instagram, follow Nomiku and ODB and repost the photo
3. If entering via Twitter, follow Nomiku and ODB and retweet the contest link and photo
4. After completing one or more of the above, go here to enter your contact information to complete your entry


All 4 Nom and Nom For All!

imageNomming is way more fun with good friends and family. Check out our backer level where you can pledge $499 for four of our new wi-fi connected Nomikus!! So now you can perfectly cook your food in good company or you can have four times the sous vide power all to yourself. They’re going to retail at $249 per unit, so try to get in on this deal while you can. 

Get your friends and family on board, and please continue to share our project as we continue to work towards our stretch goals! Thanks so much!

Happy Nomming,
The Nom-team